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Chat from Me – November 2017

What a windy month it’s been with storm Ophelia and storm Brian, I think we should have a storm Phoenix we certainly whipped up a storm (well more of a breeze), at the October Coffee Morning, with vocalist Sharon Burns lovely voice and it was nice to see people singing along and taking part in the quiz. You may have seen Sharon in the amateur group, CWAGMS. I have been to several of their performances and I am looking forward to seeing Sleeping Beauty in December.

This month I managed to get round to some of the activities, thank you for being so welcoming. Nice to see the’Flower Arranging Club’, ‘Bridge Club’, and ‘Walking Club’, it still amazes me how much goes on.

Hopefully I will see you at the November Coffee Morning, where else can you get companionship, entertainment and coffee for £1.

Thank you, Elaine

Chat from Me – October 2017

Let me introduce myself-

Firstly thank you for all your support at the AGM, it was an interesting time.

So far my seven months in the Phoenix have been fun, the people have been friendly and welcoming. I am currently enjoying line dancing, badminton and tennis, the rest of the time I am looking after my grandaughter, so unfortunately no time for other activities which I would like to attend.

If you’d ask me seven months ago to put up for chair there would have been no way, however, as the club was in dire need, here I am and I intend to give it my best shot with help of some very good people behind me.

I look forward to seeing you all at the coffee mornings, please feel free to come and chat to me and hopefully we can keep the Phoenix running as the successful social club it is and was always intended to be.

Thank you Elaine


Chat from Me – September 2017

Good morning everyone on what is my final coffee Morning, as Chair. I  have always enjoyed doing them and we have shared some entertaining mornings and happy times together. On the whole my two years have been good ones, of course there have been some difficult times but that is part of the job. What really matters is that people enjoy the friendship and enjoyment they get from attending Phoenix activities and social events. I am sure you will make decisions this morning that will keep Phoenix alive and well.

I hear the music group held a very successful evening at St Paul’s Church recently and that the outing to Ludlow was  a success too. I am sorry John and I were unable to go to either, but hospital visits and admittance have got in the way lately. Hopefully we will be able to go away soon and renew our energies.

Good luck to everyone standing for election today and a big thank you to everyone prepared to take office, not only committee office but group leaders and deputies. We cannot manage without you.

Goodbye -Sandra

Chat from Me – August 2017

Good morning everyone, I hope you are all enjoying the summer even though the good weather seems to have deserted us since the children broke up from school, hopefully it will improve soon.

The committee have been looking at Coffee Morning and wondering how we can alter it to attract members as numbers seem to be falling of late. There is a great deal of effort and expense that goes into it and we want it to be right. It is useful to have an opportunity to meet friends, book outings, theatre visits and other social events etc. as well as pay money to the treasurer, but we really want it to be an enjoyable experience as well. We would love to hear your ideas, perhaps you do not want as many speakers, we really need to know what you would like. come on get your thinking caps on and come up with some ideas.

The committee have made a start by deciding to stop having a raffle and birthday draws after the AGM, this will reduce the time and expense and the need to replace personnel who are giving up this time. it may seem a negative thing to do but we are looking to you to fill the time with things you want to do.

We would also like you to think about social events as well. We will be having a Christmas Singalong again but we need new ideas. We are looking into the possibility of a film night, hopefully this will work out.

We wait to hear from you- Sandra

Chat from Me- July 2017

Good morning everyone, great to be back with you but of course holidays are better! First of all I would like to thank Sue and Jeff for taking the important message from the committee around the groups, it was necessary that everyone was aware of the situation. At the present time things are looking more hopeful and I thank anyone who is considering taking up a position.

I would like to thank Moira & Joy for a wonderful outing to se ‘The Girls’, I think we all both cried and laughed. We were very sobered when we passed the burnt-out shell of Grenfell Tower as we went in and out of London.

Thanks are also due to the Art Group, who put on a very successful Art Exhibition at Sheefair on July 1st, the standard of painting was very high. A very big thank you to everyone who came and supported the group.

Yet another thank you to the Photography Group for arranging a tribute for John Simon, I am only sorry I was unable to attend.

This has been a list of ‘thank yous’, but that is what phoenix is about, helping and supporting each other, it is vital we continue to do so.



‘Chat from Me’ – June 2017

Good Morning, on the whole we have been having some lovely summer weather and I hope you have been enjoying it. I an sure many of you, like me, have been away, we spent last week on the Isle of Wight and this morning I will not be with you but will be in Cornwall. I am sure Jeff will look after you well.

This week we had an enjoyable trip to the Anderson boat lift and also visited Bridge mere and Trent ham. Thanks to Ivan and john for a good day. Don’t forget to book the next outing to Morton in the Marsh and Stratford.

I know all of you are still enjoying your weekly groups but I wold remind you that come September there will be no Phoenix club unless people come forward for positions of chairman and Treasurer. I know some groups have indicated they might go it alone but it is not just a case of hiring a room, there many other considerations such as insurance etc. It would be lovely if everyone’s group could be saved and the money everyone has worked so hard to earn could be retained. Please think carefully about helping out even if only for twelve months. In the words of Kitchener ‘YOUR PHOENIX NEEDS YOU’, and your friends need you.

Enjoy the morning- Sandra

Chat from Me – May 2017

Good morning everyone, it is good to see you all at Coffee Morning and I am sure we are going to have an enjoyable morning. We are now into summer and our thoughts turn to holidays, but I am asking you to think of the autumn because unless someone comes forward we will no longer have a club. Unfortunately my health is not at its best and they are conditions that cannot be resolved easily, therefore I have no option but to retire from being chairman in September and this time I cannot change my mind. Reg is also definitely retiring as treasurer after many years loyal service and the speaker secretaries and Federation Rep are retiring as well. Please think carefully about taking on a position, without officers the club cannot continue.

On a more cheerful note the weather has been lovely even if we have still had a few frosts, gardeners beware, but overall it is beginning to feel more like summer and the BBQs are begging to be loaded with chicken legs, and burgers etc. Everything is growing in our allotment but unfortunately that included the weds, heigh ho, you win some you lose some.

Delma has asked if people can make sure that all the lights are out when they leave Sheepfair, one or two have been left on lately, sometimes for all weekend and they are obviously trying to keep their cost down.

A big thank you to Mike, Bet and Tony for a really enjoyable evening at the Music Quiz, it was great fun and we all had a good laugh, good for the soul.

Have a good morning


Chat from Me – April 2017

At the time of writing this, we have had some wonderful weather and are fast approaching Easter, where is the year going to? It certainly seems true that time goes faster as you get older.  Our first outing of the year has taken place with a very enjoyable visit to Melton Mowbray and Spalding, thanks to Ivan and John and congratulations to Ivan an successfully completing his first day out in charge. Booking is on-going for the canal lift and Buxton, also an evening visit to Uttoxeter Race course (ladies  Night). Don’t forget the Music Quiz on April 22nd at Sheepfair. This is being organised by Mike Page, his last event was very successful and quite surprising. Places are also available for the London matinee of ‘Girls’, on June 29th, see Moira or Joy to book.

A big thank you to the Art Group for the new paintings now on display at Sheepfair and have noticed their new additions to the gallery on the website? Thank you to Phil Clee for putting up the paintings and jo Thatcher and Alan Shaw for photographing the paintings for the gallery. The Art Group are holding an Art Exhibition in Sheepfair on July 1st 2017.

The Code of Conduct discussed at the last A.G.M is now complete and your group leader will have a copy as well as copies  on the notice board and website.  Acceptance of the code will be part of new membership forms in the future, they will be issued as soon as they are available.

I am sure you will enjoy the Coffee morning and hope you all have a wonderful summer.


Chat from Me – March 2017

Welcome to Coffee Morning, I am sure you are going to enjoy the Town Crier, he must have many interesting tales to tell!! A few people have mentioned to me that the numbers seem to be down at Coffee Morning, actually they are pretty stable between 120 and 140, but it would be lovely to see more of you here. I know some speakers seem to appeal more than others but I am often surprised how interesting all of them are, often the least appealing turn out to be really interesting and amusing. We have to provide a varied programme to suit all needs and I think our speaker secretaries do a wonderful job and have provided us with some wonderful mornings. Do your best to support them and come along and be surprised! We are of course open to ideas for new speakers and for any ideas to put a new slant on things. We intend to bring back some quizzes and crosswords for your entertainment and also some competitions. Next month we will be having an Easter Bonnet and decorated egg competition. do join in, it should be fun.

Spring seems to  have sprung but beware the sting in the tail. anyway even if it is short lived the sunshine has been enjoyable after the long dreary grey winter. I so love to see the daffodils and I am also looking forwards to a music quiz to be held on April 22nd at Sheepfair at 7pm. Mike Page will be organising this, as he always does a brilliant job! Tickets available today £2.50

A big thank you to Jeff Wall who has been running around completing our bid to ALC and all just before he goes away. Jeff does this every year and has been successful in bringing several thousand pounds into the club. Well done Jeff.


Chat from me- February 2017

Good morning everyone, I hope you are well and beginning to feel spring is on the way. The daffodils are budding and I have even seen crocuses out. The trees are beginning to get that fuzzy look they get before they bud and we have even had some sunshine! However I am sure winter will still have a sting in its tail, but at least we can start to dream of warmer days.

We are hoping to have some social events in the near future, watch this space and we will let you know as soon as things are confirmed. If you have any ideas for social events we would love to hear them. Talking of enjoyment don’t forget booking is ongoing for the first outing of the year to Melton Mowbray, see Ivan and John at Coffee Morning to reserve your place.

I would like to thank everyone who is helping to keep Phoenix going, no matter how small the contribution the total of everyone’s contribution is huge and it all adds up to pleasure for us all. The club offers social contact, physical activity and the chance to try something new. As many of you know John and I are big County & Western fans and many of the venues we go to have line dancing as part of the evening, so guess what, we are going to go to Line Dancing on a Tuesday afternoon. Look out for your toes and no selling tickets to witness our lack of skill. Whatever happens I am sure we will have fun. See what you can try that you have never done before.

Enjoy the Coffee Morning, let’s hear your feet tapping to the accordion music and at the very least hands clapping and perhaps some singing. Go on go for it.