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Chat from Me— Christmas memories
December is upon us as is the wintery weather but there’s something magical about the dark afternoons with the Christmas tree lights twinkling, the glow of the scented candles, and a feel-good film on TV. I remember as a child the candles only ever came out when there was a power cut. I would have been about 10 when in 1973 we had the 3 day a week blackout. The Christmas run-up started with a pomegranate you ate with a pin (we lived dangerously then) dates in an oblong box with a wooden fork, nuts you had to crack yourself, and those sugary orange and lemon slices. The decorations would have been a small tree with coloured lights on Paper lanterns and homemade garlands hanging from the ceiling. Presents always included an annual, a compendium game, and chocolate in a netted stocking. The highlight at the age of 10 was the glass of advocaat (snowball) with a cherry on a stick, mine was probably mostly lemonade but I felt grown up. The TV was probably a Morecambe and Wise Christmas special.
Whatever your Christmas is like now have an enjoyable one, stay safe. Phoenix will be back next year.  Elaine

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