Chat from Me

Approximately 11 weeks into lockdown I hope everyone is safe and well. I know we are all missing family and friends but I’m feeling grateful we can now see people in our ‘bubble’ and I’ve managed to sit opposite ends of a park bench with some of my friends. I’m sure you’re missing your      Phoenix friends and activities (a big hello to the line dancers and badminton players yes, I’m missing you) this may take a little longer before we see any change. Sheepfair has no plans to re-open their doors for a while but as soon as there is any change, we will inform you. Tennis on a Friday morning is possibly the first to be able open, contact us if you are interested in joining.

Myself, approximately 11 weeks into new house move, still no official internet until July. New settee was ordered in December finally came this week we’ve been sitting on garden chairs all this time (sold the old suite and conservatory settee before we moved) nightmare on your back.

Positive things to come out of this new world has to be realising how important the little things we usually take for granted are (taking the dog and sitting outside a nice country pub with a glass of wine) or is that just me? Noticing the gorgeous sunsets, we have had.

So, take care and don’t forget to check us out on the new Phoenix Facebook page. There are some lovely paintings from   Phoenix members on there.



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