Chat from Me – August 2017

Good morning everyone, I hope you are all enjoying the summer even though the good weather seems to have deserted us since the children broke up from school, hopefully it will improve soon.

The committee have been looking at Coffee Morning and wondering how we can alter it to attract members as numbers seem to be falling of late. There is a great deal of effort and expense that goes into it and we want it to be right. It is useful to have an opportunity to meet friends, book outings, theatre visits and other social events etc. as well as pay money to the treasurer, but we really want it to be an enjoyable experience as well. We would love to hear your ideas, perhaps you do not want as many speakers, we really need to know what you would like. come on get your thinking caps on and come up with some ideas.

The committee have made a start by deciding to stop having a raffle and birthday draws after the AGM, this will reduce the time and expense and the need to replace personnel who are giving up this time. it may seem a negative thing to do but we are looking to you to fill the time with things you want to do.

We would also like you to think about social events as well. We will be having a Christmas Singalong again but we need new ideas. We are looking into the possibility of a film night, hopefully this will work out.

We wait to hear from you- Sandra

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