Chat from Me- July 2017

Good morning everyone, great to be back with you but of course holidays are better! First of all I would like to thank Sue and Jeff for taking the important message from the committee around the groups, it was necessary that everyone was aware of the situation. At the present time things are looking more hopeful and I thank anyone who is considering taking up a position.

I would like to thank Moira & Joy for a wonderful outing to se ‘The Girls’, I think we all both cried and laughed. We were very sobered when we passed the burnt-out shell of Grenfell Tower as we went in and out of London.

Thanks are also due to the Art Group, who put on a very successful Art Exhibition at Sheefair on July 1st, the standard of painting was very high. A very big thank you to everyone who came and supported the group.

Yet another thank you to the Photography Group for arranging a tribute for John Simon, I am only sorry I was unable to attend.

This has been a list of ‘thank yous’, but that is what phoenix is about, helping and supporting each other, it is vital we continue to do so.



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