‘Chat from Me’ – June 2017

Good Morning, on the whole we have been having some lovely summer weather and I hope you have been enjoying it. I an sure many of you, like me, have been away, we spent last week on the Isle of Wight and this morning I will not be with you but will be in Cornwall. I am sure Jeff will look after you well.

This week we had an enjoyable trip to the Anderson boat lift and also visited Bridge mere and Trent ham. Thanks to Ivan and john for a good day. Don’t forget to book the next outing to Morton in the Marsh and Stratford.

I know all of you are still enjoying your weekly groups but I wold remind you that come September there will be no Phoenix club unless people come forward for positions of chairman and Treasurer. I know some groups have indicated they might go it alone but it is not just a case of hiring a room, there many other considerations such as insurance etc. It would be lovely if everyone’s group could be saved and the money everyone has worked so hard to earn could be retained. Please think carefully about helping out even if only for twelve months. In the words of Kitchener ‘YOUR PHOENIX NEEDS YOU’, and your friends need you.

Enjoy the morning- Sandra

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