Chat from Me – March 2017

Welcome to Coffee Morning, I am sure you are going to enjoy the Town Crier, he must have many interesting tales to tell!! A few people have mentioned to me that the numbers seem to be down at Coffee Morning, actually they are pretty stable between 120 and 140, but it would be lovely to see more of you here. I know some speakers seem to appeal more than others but I am often surprised how interesting all of them are, often the least appealing turn out to be really interesting and amusing. We have to provide a varied programme to suit all needs and I think our speaker secretaries do a wonderful job and have provided us with some wonderful mornings. Do your best to support them and come along and be surprised! We are of course open to ideas for new speakers and for any ideas to put a new slant on things. We intend to bring back some quizzes and crosswords for your entertainment and also some competitions. Next month we will be having an Easter Bonnet and decorated egg competition. do join in, it should be fun.

Spring seems to  have sprung but beware the sting in the tail. anyway even if it is short lived the sunshine has been enjoyable after the long dreary grey winter. I so love to see the daffodils and I am also looking forwards to a music quiz to be held on April 22nd at Sheepfair at 7pm. Mike Page will be organising this, as he always does a brilliant job! Tickets available today £2.50

A big thank you to Jeff Wall who has been running around completing our bid to ALC and all just before he goes away. Jeff does this every year and has been successful in bringing several thousand pounds into the club. Well done Jeff.


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