Chat from Me – May 2017

Good morning everyone, it is good to see you all at Coffee Morning and I am sure we are going to have an enjoyable morning. We are now into summer and our thoughts turn to holidays, but I am asking you to think of the autumn because unless someone comes forward we will no longer have a club. Unfortunately my health is not at its best and they are conditions that cannot be resolved easily, therefore I have no option but to retire from being chairman in September and this time I cannot change my mind. Reg is also definitely retiring as treasurer after many years loyal service and the speaker secretaries and Federation Rep are retiring as well. Please think carefully about taking on a position, without officers the club cannot continue.

On a more cheerful note the weather has been lovely even if we have still had a few frosts, gardeners beware, but overall it is beginning to feel more like summer and the BBQs are begging to be loaded with chicken legs, and burgers etc. Everything is growing in our allotment but unfortunately that included the weds, heigh ho, you win some you lose some.

Delma has asked if people can make sure that all the lights are out when they leave Sheepfair, one or two have been left on lately, sometimes for all weekend and they are obviously trying to keep their cost down.

A big thank you to Mike, Bet and Tony for a really enjoyable evening at the Music Quiz, it was great fun and we all had a good laugh, good for the soul.

Have a good morning


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