Chat from me- May 2020

I hope everyone keeping safe in lockdown. I don’t want
to moan at all the obvious bad things happening
(including me trying to bake). But to look on the positive
side, what lovely weather we have had I’ve noticed
how much clearer the air is. How friendly people
are when walking the dog as they probably haven’t
spoken to anyone else in a while. The clapping for the
NHS so loud I love it. Pictures of rainbows in people’s
windows and painted stones around the village. The
trees and plants are still growing. The animals are
doing what they do unaware of the human world falling
apart. I would love to catch a sighting of the meteor
shower. So, feeling thankful that lockdown for
many of us will be over, but remembering some are
not so lucky.
I’d like to take this opportunity to thank Kath and
Brian for setting up the Phoenix Facebook page and to
the members for sending in photos and keeping it
going. So, if you’ve got access to Facebook to check it
out and keep in touch.
Look forward to seeing everyone when ‘normal ‘as we
know it is resumed. -Elaine

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