Chat from Me – November 2020

I’ve always had dogs since a child, but never have I been so grateful for my current pooch during the lockdown. Elsie, my cocker spaniel has helped me keep sane. With hubby still working and not being able to see friends and family, we have walked all over Rugeley and surrounding areas. Fed up of muddy fields, canal, and the forest we have taken to walking the streets. Hope everyone is managing to get out we’ve had some lovely autumnal days.

Tennis was open for a few weeks and a couple of new members are eager to join the Phoenix. Unfortunately, we’ve had to close down again in the 2nd lockdown and have been informed that the planning application for new houses to be built on the ‘disused ‘ tennis courts has been lodged. We are in dispute that they are disused as Phoenix has been playing on them for many years.

Stay safe, stay sane it won’t be forever. – Elaine x

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