Chat from Me – October 2016

Well I didn’t expect to be doing this again but here I am and I have also said I will do the whole year, so that everything will be continuing and I hope it will continue to do so for many years to come. We are also making progress in filling vacant positions so hopefully we have turned the corner.

Autumn is now well upon us and has bee particularly warm and mainly dry, although I fear cold weather is on the way. Soon the autumn colours will be putting on their show, every season has its good points but I think the autumn season is one of the most stunning. Talking of stunning scenery don’t forget entries for the Phoenix Photography Competition have to be in by the December coffee morning, but can be in before that, just hand them to your group leader or any member of the photography group. Also our Autumn social event takes place on October 22nd at Sheepfair and will be a ‘Skittles’, Evening, lots of fun to be had by all. Tickets available from Jeff Wall.

Dare I mention the ‘c’, word (Christmas), I hope so because we have much to look forward to, celebrations within your groups as well as Christmas jumper competition and perhaps a decorated table competition, as most of you sit in the same places at coffee morning, get your thinking caps on! We also have a superb country and western group performing at the December coffee morning who will certainly entertain us well, do not miss it. Also the Phoenix Christmas Singalong will take place on December 10th at Sheepfair, it aims to be equally as festive as last year, with good music, decorations, activities, refreshments, presents from Santa and surprises as well!

Tickets available today, price £4 from me, don’t delay numbers are limited.

We really do have a lot to look forward to, thank you to everyone who is making it all possible.



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