Chat from Me – October 2020

No change from Phoenix at the moment, hope everyone’s keeping their chin up or in my case chins, are anyone else’s clothes shrinking in lockdown even the ones, not in the wash strange …. still the baking is coming on fine, although I baked (new hobby for me) a lovely Dorset apple and cinnamon cake yesterday but unfortunately had to throw it away today because when I opened the cake tin out flew a fly who looked like me if I’d been locked in a wine cellar all night hic.

At times like this, it reminds us how important friends and family are and if it’s difficult to see them at the moment try to keep in touch by phone or the Internet a good chat makes the world of difference. For those of you who are Internet savvy check out our         Facebook page…Rugeley Phoenix…we would love you to add pictures, jokes, poems, etc.—

Take care Elaine xx


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