Chat from Me – September 2017

Good morning everyone on what is my final coffee Morning, as Chair. I  have always enjoyed doing them and we have shared some entertaining mornings and happy times together. On the whole my two years have been good ones, of course there have been some difficult times but that is part of the job. What really matters is that people enjoy the friendship and enjoyment they get from attending Phoenix activities and social events. I am sure you will make decisions this morning that will keep Phoenix alive and well.

I hear the music group held a very successful evening at St Paul’s Church recently and that the outing to Ludlow was  a success too. I am sorry John and I were unable to go to either, but hospital visits and admittance have got in the way lately. Hopefully we will be able to go away soon and renew our energies.

Good luck to everyone standing for election today and a big thank you to everyone prepared to take office, not only committee office but group leaders and deputies. We cannot manage without you.

Goodbye -Sandra

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