Chat from the Chair March 2016

The months are flying by now – March already. you know the saying ‘in like a lion – out like a lamb’. Well, we have had all kinds of weather so far, from glorious sunny and Spring like days, to ice, sleet, snow and the rest. Luckily for us though, we haven’t had it half as bad s others up north. May it stay there! Not the attitude, I know, but true all the same.

To our knowledge, the club hasn’t had any problems, due to adverse weather conditions. We manage to carry on with all our activities both indoor and outdoor. Our walkers are a hardy bunch who walk in all weathers undeterred. Good on ’em! You can tell them a mile off – they are the ones with red noses and weather beaten complexions.

Whilst back at Sheepfair HQ, our indoor sessions are all ‘toasty’, thanks to our Landlords and the wonders of gas central heating. We are so lucky to have such a wonderful venue. Long may it continue. Whilst on that subject, you may not be aware that the Sheepfair Centre is available for private hire in the evenings and at weekends, at very reasonable rates, so if you have a celebration needing a venue, our Club Membership Secretary, Delma Draper will help you. She can normally be found at Coffee Mornings, seated at the top right hand corner of the hall.

Did you enjoy last month’s owls? That Lily was so cute, but hat a naughty girls wasn’t she? We didn’t think she was going to be captured at theĀ end of February Coffee Morning. It seemed like Andrew wasn’t too sure how he was going to lure her down either. All ended satisfactorily in the end, thank goodness.

Apologies for my absence (Wendy) at this month’s Coffee Morning. I am one of those red nosed, weather beaten complexions, who has joined nineteen others from Phoenix walking group for a tramping break in the Lake District. Pray for it to be dry please.

I shall be sorry to miss the Ambulance speakers, but hope you all find it interesting. They do such a wonderful job. Make they welcome.

Easter will be over by the time we meet next, at April’s Coffee Morning, so don’t eat more than six chocolate eggs will you?

Happy Easter to you all.

Wendy and Sandra

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