Chat from the Chair – May 2018

Firstly, to say I’m am sure you have all heard that Jeff was taken ill in Tenerife after suffering firstly a heart attack and then a stroke. We are happy to say that after an operation, declared fit enough to be flown home. We have sent all our warm wishes from the Phoenix to Jeff and Pat after a very traumatic time and hopefully Jeff is on his way to a full recovery.

On a brighter note, thank you to the 113 Phoenix members who attended the Coffee Morning this month, nice to see you singing along with Holly. The raffle, organised by John & Tom from Table Tennis raised £94.50, which was donated to Katherine house Hospice. This month’s Coffee Morning features Kath Reynolds, (Holly’s Mum), speaking about Goose Grease and Brown Paper, kitchen cupboard remedies pre NHS. Hopefully see you there.

Thanks Elaine

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