Chat from the Chair – April 2016

Well it is now officially spring but no one seems to have told the weather yet, hopefully it will improve soon and we can start all those jobs in the garden we have been meaning to do, was that groans and creakingof bones I heard?

It seems to have been a mild but long grey winter this time and although the spring flowers have been lovely it would be great to have some sustained sunlight to cheer us all up.

However enough of the weather, at least we have had companionship and entertainment at the Phoenix groups which continues to flourish as does the membership which is now heading for 600. A big thank you is due to the group leaders who make sure we get the most out of our Phoenix experience, they are the unsung heroes and heroines, who turn up each week and freely give of their time and expertise to plan and arrange our weekly activities. (Better not shout too loudly else they’ll be taxing enjoyment next).

this month we have an afternoon tea to look forward to, this has been organised by the Knit & Natter group to celebrate our Queen’s 90th birthday and is a sell-out. The tea follows a talk at coffee Morning by the dentist, perhaps we shouldn’t say too much about the sticky, sugary items we will be indulging in later that day!

A reminder that tickets are now on sale for the Music Quiz on May 21st at Sheepfair, price £2.50 including light refreshments. Come along and enjoy the experience.

Booking is also open for the trip to Ellesmere Port and Liverpool on September 8th. The recent visit to Winchester was very enjoyable and again we were lucky with the weather.

Sandra and Wendy.

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