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Well fellow members, here we are at the end of another Phoenix year. How quickly they fly.

Sandra and I promised to keep things going for twelve months and that is what we have done.

It has been a trying time for us both, for reasons we won’t go into, but suffice it to say each of us has been sorely tested and neither of us feels able to serve another term, so this is goodbye.

Apologies once again for my absence, especially as this is our very special Coffee Morning being the AGM. I am in Devon on holiday.

I sincerely hope that I return to a still functioning Rugeley Phoenix Activities Club, which currently is in danger of disappearing, through lack of volunteers in key roles. I pray for a miracle, that a new Chairperson is found and that other vacancies do get filled.

Sandra and I wish to thank all the members who have supported us through the last year, we couldn’t have done it without you and a particular vote of gratitude has to go to the two John’s – our husbands, who have shared in our joys, shored us up through the disappointments and been there with the tissues during the bad times. Thanks guys you’ve been bricks!

So we bow out now and hope we don’t go down in the annals as the last chairs of a very wonderful organisation.

Wendy & Sandra

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