Chat From Us – May 2016

Hello all May already eh? It’ll Christmas soon. There can’t be many more than two hundred shopping days left so hurry hurry!!!!!

If you are not Christmas shopping, then I guess some of you will be preparing to dip your toes in the ocean soon, be it home or abroad, we hope all your holidays are enjoable.

Our club continues to function, holiday or not. How about the wonderful tea party provided by Moira and her knit & Knatter Group? I heard it was a joy. All my comments are hearsay, because i was one of the unlucky ones who did not manage to buy a ticket in time. It was a very suitable way to celebrate the birthday of our cherished sovereign. Very many thanks to Moira and everyone who volunteered to help out in any way, no matter how small.

Going on from there, may I say that all our members owe a great debt to all who volunteer in many ways. The Group Leaders and their helpers who tirelessly provide you with interesting and informative sessions week after week. It doesn’t just happen you know. It takes organisation and preparation. All done in their own time. The Committee Members who give their time and expertise, to attend meetings and organise our club in order for it to function. Without them, there would be no club.

Have you noticed that when you attend a Phoenix function, it is mostly the same people supporting the event and the same people organising and helping out? Is this a coincidence? I don’t think so. Are we all a little too complacent?

Our membership currently stands at 569. How many of that 569 are happy to pay their £5 per annum and then sit back and let all the others provide the time, knowledge, muscle and everything else which makes the club tick?

If 569 folks gave just 10 minutes a month, that wold equate to 5690 minutes or 9 hrs 48 minutes help. Not a lot for each person but a hugh amount could be achieved with almost 10 hours’ assistance. Think about it. Don’t sit back and constantly take, come forward and give sometimes. there is no financial reward, but you’ll so good.

Lecture over! However, although it is only May, there are only three more Coffee Mornings before the September A G M, so if you are considering volunteering for a committee position, or anything else to help, now would be a good time to begin shadowing, the currrent incumbent, to get some insight into what would be expected of you. Give it a try, you may even enjoy it. If more members put themselves forward, time spent in the role would be shorter and more would see how rewarding it can be.

Our club needs to move forward and to that end some injection of new blood would certainly be beneficial. so search your soul and if you think you can help, make it known to us or your Group Leader. Thank you

Wendy & Sandra


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