CHAT FROM US – February 2016

Hello there everyone!

Well, here we are half way through February with the evenings drawing out noticeably and spring hopefully just around the corner.  (Having said that, there’ll probably be four feet of snow this time next week!!)

All our activities are still well attended which goes to prove our excellent club keeps us off the streets and out of mischief. Hopefully not too many of you have had days off with nasty colds and flu and all the other wonderful aches and pains that we seem to endure from the day we sign for our pension book.

Most members will admit to looking forward to the days when they “knit & knatter”, or ”ping pong” etc., and can’t imagine life without “Phoenix”.  Long may it prosper!

Lots of you will by now have turned your thoughts to summer holidays, with some having booked your breaks already.  Isn’t it nice having something to look forward to, to help you through the dark days of winter?

We do try to help by arranging Social Evenings, and I’m sure that all who attended enjoyed the recent Beetle Drive.  Bet that took you back a bit eh? These evenings are only a success if they are supported by you, and if you do have any ideas or suggestions, please let us know.

There is a Music Quiz planned for May and there may be other functions in between. Watch this space.

We are pleased to announce that the Speakers Secretary post has now been filled. Thankfully Lynne Harborow and Ann Cooper have volunteered their services and we thank them heartily and wish them well.  This means that Coffee Mornings are now safe for the next term at least.

If you have been to a function where a speaker impressed you, or you think their subject matter would interest fellow Phoenix Members, please pass on their details to the ladies, as we are always on the look out for good and interesting speakers.

Your help would be much appreciated.

It only remains now for us to say, “Sit back and enjoy the

February Coffee Morning”.

We’ll speak again next month.

 Sandra and Wendy.

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