Confused Isolater – Aug 2020

Apparently, I am in the 52% of people in the country that are confused about what we can do, can’t do, and must do. So good to hear I’m not on my own.
We all need to eat healthy  We can get up to 50% off when eating in fast-food
restaurants Eat out to help out. We need to get fit We may need to start a Phoenix cycling group
Think the doctor will give me a bike or am I confused about that.
We can perhaps call in KFC’s on the way back from our cycle ride.
If you nip into Greggs for a cheeky sausage roll, wear your mask
If you sit in to eat it, along with other diners, no mask required
Think I’ll do the mask if I eat in with my luck a Phoenix member will spot my guilty pleasure (Ha Ha)
I can have six people from different households in my garden observing social distancing for a catch-up.
I am very fortunate that I have more than six friends, so I can see them all down the pub Cheers!
I can have someone in to clean the house and fix that dripping tap. Just wondering which one of my friends has a mop and a Bob the builder toolkit.
I could go on and on about my confusions and I’m sure many of you are the same.
Perhaps we could do a Phoenix Quiz on the rules and regulations of what we can and can’t do, I know you won’t be rushing to have me on your team.
As the directives of what to do, what not to do and what you must do change
hourly and daily, the Phoenix quiz team will have to be on the ball.
To hug or not to hug that is the question, well it’s just one question.
A sign of the times is I’ve got mask envy! Have you noticed all the different types there are, some are very stylish even coordinated with what you wear.
Regardless of your style of mask they are necessary and we will wear them where we must. The sad thing for me is you can’t see people smile. In these troubled times, nothing lifts you like a smile. Keep smiling, even if no one can see it, remember smiles is the longest word in the world! There is mile between the first and last letter.
Love Sue AKA Confused Rugeley

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