Deja vu – Sue Breen January 2021

Deja vu. Is the feeling that one has lived through the
present situation before !!!
So I say welcome to all my deja vu friends.
I might start a campaign against the deja vu feeling.
You will have rules to follow to become a member.
Do not tidy your cupboards again
Do not sort out the garage.
Do not start baking banana bread
Do not paint the shed
These small steps are just the start of riding yourself of
the deja vu feeling.
The only exceptions to the rules are
Drinking wine
Eating chocolate
Laughing (you may need to follow Joe Wicks exercises on
YouTube to achieve this, not doing them just watching)
PS if you do take part in online exercise there are also
some good YouTube videos on how to become a
The big plus this time is the vaccine, for which we are all
truly thankful, we didn’t have this at the beginning of the
year. So, while we are all looking for a top that has sleeves
that we can roll up to the top of our arm, let’s remember
that we can do this because we’ve done it before.
Is that deja vu?
Keep safe, take care
Love Sue xx

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