Drop In 26-02-15

The Computer Drop In activities continued today.

A new member arrived with a notebook problem which we resolved, and Brian explained some of the fundemental Windows 8  issues finding apps and switching between desktop start screen and finding apps.  He also has an IPad and will return next week to talk to Phil our Apple expert.

“Brian’s Bumble” (So called as Brian (our website master), who has worked on computers since 1965, still has to ‘follow his nose’, and work out how to accomplish the many tasks he is asked to explain).¬† Demonstrated¬† printing photo’s on photo quality paper and canvas. Brian briefly explained some of the issues setting up printer and page properties and printed a 6×4 photo and an A3 canvas photo.

Kath, Dawn and Chris circulated amongst the other regulars assisting as needed, especially Sheila (voted our star pupil), Opening pdf’s was explained and achieved, open office downloaded and installed, etc., etc.

See you all next week!


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