After weeks of lockdown and isolation, it feels like the world outside is alien and it is.
We’ve all landed on another planet, and we have to learn the customs and rules.
The first lesson you have to learn is that the rules of this planet change daily!
One definite rule is keep a distance of 1 metre plus from people when outside, that is if you can’t keep a distance of 2 metres, now that’s easy to understand. 🤣
You can now form bubbles. On the other planet, you called them families.
Face visors or masks are being worn by hairdressers, bar staff restaurant staff plus shop assistants, do not be perturbed they are very friendly.
You can wear a mask too but be prepared for people not to understand what you are saying plus your glasses will steam up.
It will take time for us all to feel confident to venture out into this strange new world and I think baby steps are needed, small steps, there’s no rush and we need to do it at our own pace. For friends who are still shielding and isolating we are thinking of you and looking forward to us all getting together again very soon.
Love Sue x

PS Today I had my roots done and hair cut so   feeling almost human, not sure if that is a good feeling on an alien planet🤣

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