From the Chair (April 2014)

And a very good morning to you, it’s very nice to see you and thank you for coming this morning, coz if you hadn’t come it would have been just Cynth and me and we could have stayed at home to look at each other.
So, we’re into April already, Spring is in the air, buds are appearing on the trees and hedgerows and Easter is just around the corner, time really does fly or at least it seems to. Time, now isn’t that a funny word and think how many times we use it. We check the time for buses, trains, holiday aircraft flights, taxis, friends arriving, tradesmen calling, (who then fail to turn up on time). We have breakfast time, coffee time, lunch time, and afternoon tea time, dinner time, supper time and then bed time. And for those who like football there is the “kick-off” time, start time for events and for the joggers among you, what was my fastest time, time! We also make time to meet friends to chat and socialise and we have Phoenix activity time. Talking of which, our activities are doing very well with over 500 members who have access to 20 different activities, although because of their popularity we have had to create a waiting list for some; this just shows how popular our club is.
As you know, Pilates is our latest activity and already seems to be doing well. So, if lying around on mats for an our is your thing, then go along to Brereton and Ravenhill Community Centre at 11a.m. on a Wednesday morning and have some fun. Although, as I have said, we have had to start waiting lists for some activities we still have spaces in our chess group where even if you can’t play there are members who can teach you a move or two. Now there’s an invitation if ever there was one! Well, that’s it, time’s up, time to do something useful, time for another coffee first though.
See you around sometime.

Tarra Garry

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