From the Chair August

Hello! Well it’s August already and the summer is nearly over. The nights are drawing in and the days getting shorter. So what happened to the summer? I mean we have had nearly three weeks holiday in a very damp Scotland and I tell you the best thing about a very damp Scotland is a ‘wee dram o the gud stuff to see ya all reet’. Or so they tell me! It was a little frustrating I can tell you, but hey ho what’s a little rain to seasoned walkers like Cynth and me. I know some of you will be saying “it couldn’t have happened to a nicer fella”, but come on I don’t have webbed feet, well not yet anyway! So what’s been happening then, come on you can tell me, what’s the gossip? Who, what, where and when! “Doh” you are hopeless!! Anyway my spies tell me that a great night was had at the barn dance and the strawberries were lovely (thank you to June and the table tennis group), the BBQ event was almost a washout and Jeff’s back-up plan of using Sheepfair activated. With several of us making several phone calls at the last minute, everyone was contacted and re-routed. Instead of the annual rounder’s match boy’s v girls we made good use of the skittles. The result I hear you ask, I’m not telling you, ‘yer shudda bin there’! It was a smashing night’s entertainment. Now, the Dinner Dance was something to write home about, we had a brilliant night right from the start! The tables were set with lovely decorations, many of the men in back bow ties (and nothing else) only kidding but it got your attention didn’t it ladies! We had the ladies in super dresses and all gyrating to all kinds of dances. It was a really good night out thanks to David and Sheila. Well that’s it for now so I’ll just say don’t forget the AGM next month and the Whist Drive on the 18th Sept.

Tarra Garry

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