From The Chair – Childhood winter memories

Childhood winter memories 3 minutes lighter a day, daffodils poking their heads through the icy dirt and catkins on the trees all a sign spring Is on its way, although I suspect we will have a little more snow yet. Darcie and I built a snowman with a carrot nose no coal around nowadays for his buttons and eyes so we had to use stones. We didn’t have enough snow near me for sledging. I remember the sledge my dad had made when we were kids, with steel on the runners it was heavy to pull up the hill but was the fastest on the way down. Returning home after a morning sledging your toes would hurt with the cold through your wellies. You would wrap a warm towel around your hands to stop them getting hot aches! There would be hot buttered toast, no toaster, but held over the fire on a long-handled fork. I’d like to think we drank hot chocolate but in reality, it would probably have been corona pop from the pop man. Favourite winter dinner tatty ash with brown sauce not to be confused with potato hash and not something I’ve heard of anyone eating in recent times.

Take care, stay safe there is light at the end of the winter’s tunnel x


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