From the Chair December 2014

Hello and a very Jolly Christmas and a Happy and Healthy New Year to you all. I am writing this on “Black Friday” what a strange name to call a Friday in November. Yes it’s a cold and damp day today but certainly not black. I understand it’s a term from America and all to do with businesses trying to remove as much cash from your pockets with what they term as unbelievable discounts. Today’s news tells of police having to deal with riots and fights in Tesco’s of all places over very cheap items being grabbed by greedy customers and this is supposed to be a time of good cheer. Anyway talking of good cheer we had a brilliant night at the skittles evening put on by the Tai Chi group in November. It was a real fun night but with a bit of an edge to it coz everyone wanted to win. So a very well done to all who made the effort to put on a great evening and to those who supported it. Sheepfair will be the venue for the carol sing-a-long in December so let’s have another good turn out for that one. Another date for your calendar is the New Year party at the Brereton and Ravenhill Parish Hall on Saturday 17th January food will be a bring and share supper and we have Kate’s Party to entertain us, tickets are £4 from me or Cynth at December coffee morning. Now to get me into the spirit of things, with the help of a little drop of the finest Scotch, I’m dreaming of a white Christmas, just like the ones I used to know. I don’t remember them all being white do you? Perhaps another sip of whisky might help! Yep that’s better. When the tree tops glistened and children listened to hear, sleigh bells in the snow, dah, dah dah dah dee. Just another little sip! Oooh agh! Now less se wheer woz i?? oh yeerse im dreemin ov a wite christmus, wiv evri chrismus carde I rite, hic, hic, An weel orl bee mewri an bwite, an mey orl yor cwismusses b wite. Jus gorra get anover dwink I fink. O No Cynf sed no mooor jus a blak coffy sooo wee ar bak too the biginin agen on blak fwridy, hic! Arl av tooo finisssh it towmowo coz im goin to bed nooow. Gnite

Happy Christmas and a Healthy and Prosperous New Year


Garry & Cynth

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