From The Chair -February 2022

A few months now after re-opening the doors of Phoenix things are looking positive, membership is around 300, many of the activities are busy. Could
do with a few more budding artists to join the Wednesday art club. A relaxed, friendly group so nip along with your artistic ideas. (And your crayons!!)
The AGM was held on the 20th of January, 51 members attended. There were no changes made and no queries raised so was over very quickly.
Kath Bryan received the Anthill cup, well deserved, she has kept the newsletter and Facebook pages going throughout lockdown plus other background
things she does for us.
The Thursday coffee mornings are not up to speed yet. In the future, the committee are looking at changing the monthly coffee mornings to having 4 a year in March, June, September, and December and having more going on at them. Pat has some great ideas for speakers and entertainers. The February coffee morning on the 17th will still go
ahead as normal.
The Sunday lunches are still going ahead at Marsh Farm if you are interested contact Glenys Richards.
There are a few theatre tickets still available for Marvellous £36 inc coach contact Moira if you are interested.
The committee juggled with the idea of doing something for the Queen’s Jubilee but have
decided against it as many people will be having their own street parties etc. so we are going to have a joint celebration in September to celebrate 40
years of Phoenix and Sheepfair who have been going for a total of 40 years.
See you at Coffee Morning.

Stay safe Elaine

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