From the Chair Jan 2015


Did you have a lovely Christmas and Happy New Year? Cynth and I wish you all a very Happy and Healthy 2015. We had a smashing time watching our two little granddaughters opening far too many presents, but I suppose that’s the way things are today, everyone wants their child to be the same as the next and not be left behind. By the way, just for the record, the ending of me bit in the December newsletter was just in fun I wasn’t inebriated I was in full control of the keyboard so don’t you go thinking you have a drunkard as a chairman! This year I will try to keep my notes to a minimum, (well I’ll try to anyway). We have a very exciting year ahead of us with lots of things going on so if you can’t make it to the coffee mornings to find out ask your activity leader for information and make a date to enjoy yourselves at one or more events. Now I know our club is for the over 50’s and we have a number of members who are a little older, but this year I want you ALL to get rid of your inhibitions and act your “shoe size” and do things that you wouldn’t usually do. I want you all to enjoy our 20th anniversary celebration year. Don’t forget what Jeff said at the AGM “you are members of the club as a whole and not just the activity you attend”. The social side is just another extension of what our/your club is about and that is meeting people and enjoying what we offer. Now is that short enough or shall I ramble on about the socks and deodorants and other smelly things I had for Christmas? Cynth say’s “yes its enough so give it a rest and change your socks”!! Oh well until next time, now where did I put me whisky glass?



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