From the Chair July 2015

Good Morning, yes it’s me! I’m here at last, well as I write these notes the plan oops! The idea is that I will be at this coffee morning (if you remember my plans tend to go awry so I’m trying not to plan but to have the idea) so if I’m not here then my idea has gone to pot! Anyway have you missed me? Has Sandra been looking after you? I’m sure she has (Thank you Sandra). Well as I have had to get this report in early coz someone has gone on holiday I can’t tell you about the Barn Dance or the Dinner Dance coz we ain’t ad em yet! The good news is that I have been discharged from the hospital (can’t do any more for me, Cynth has been saying that for years) and I’m almost ready for next years “Ironman” challenge. The bad news is that now I’m more mobile, Cynth who has been looking after me and bringing me tea in bed every morning, has decided I now have to get me own tea in a morning and not only that I have to get her one! Can you believe that!! She’s getting more like the “original matron” every day. Bless her (and I often do)! So Barry completed his charity walk but then unfortunately was taken ill and rushed off to hospital to have surgery. We wish him a speedy recovery although it may be a while before he is fully fit. (Again I don’t have the final amount that he collected due to this person wanting the report early).Bess her as well!! Only kidding Kath have a super holiday. I’m still waiting for people to come forward to fill the forthcoming vacancies. It doesn’t have to be a man you know we have only had one lady chairperson and president in the whole 20 years so come on gals its about time you showed us men how to organise things properly. And why not!             Tarra, Garry

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