From the Chair July 2016

Well here we are, well into Summer. Not that you would know it with all this heavy rain. Never mind, we are British and made of sterner stuff – we can take it. Carry on regardless!

All our activities continue with most of the Group Leaders managing to arrange cover when they go on holiday to minimise disruption to our sessions. This is why it is so important to have a deputy. Speaking of which, more volunteers are needed and will most certainly be necessary after the AGM when some present officers and leaders will be standing down.

As most of you know, I (Wendy) finished as keep Fit Leader, on Tuesday, when the group closed for Summer recess and we have managed to arrange a lovely young instructor. Now, you have the real thing. Not only qualified but young and attractive too.

I have enjoyed my six years leading the group, we have had a lot of fun, but it’s time to move on and with John and I moving out of Rugeley, I would most likely have had to give up anyway.

We are going to require a Vice Chair, as Sandra is willing to continue as our Chairperson for another year, an Assistant Treasurer, an Assistant Secretary and someone to manage the Display Boards for Coffe Morning. Also, a most important role requires new volunteers, as Joyce¬†& Colin are finishing after many years excellent work as ‘Refreshment Supervisors’, at Coffee Morning. Please consider if you can help in any way so that our wonderful club continues to function seamlessly. The club is only as good as its members.

Apologies from me again for my absence at July Coffee Morning. I had to attend a family funeral two hundred miles away and couldn’t get back in time. See you in August.

Luckily we have Sandra who has tirelessly kept things going and many thanks to her for so doing.

The July Beetle Drive was great fun as anyone who attended will vouch and have you got your tickets for tonight’s BBQ (July 21st)? Will it rain???? We hope not because although alternative plans take place, it means that us girls don’t get the chance to thrash the men at rounders!!! We give thanks to Jeff and Pat Wall for their continued effort in arranging this annual event which is always well supported and all are welcome, even those with no disire to run around like headless chickens, pretending they are super fit. Bring your cooler box full of wine and beer and anything else you fancy and Jeff and his team of Michelin star chefs will do the rest. Bon appetite!!

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