From the Chair – July 2021

Latest Phoenix update.

We finally made it Phoenix activities are mostly up and running. However, Bridge

is not returning until September along with Music. The date of return for the

art club is to be confirmed and we can’t get enough takers for badminton.

Despite the soaring temperature, we had a brilliant turn out for line dancing,

sequence dancing, Tai chi and 5 at table tennis. Haven’t heard from the other

activities as yet. Fingers crossed we are on our way to some kind of normality.

There are hand sanitisers on the walls at Sheep Fair and we are advising not to

use the kitchen until further notice. We are taking precautions where we can so

if you can use wipes on door handles etc we want everyone to stay safe and for

our state of mind, we can remain open.

Take care stay safe Elaine

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