From the Chair June 2015

Do you ever make plans? I had a plan to be at this coffee morning but it’s already gone wrong. The surgeon decided to cancel my check up appointment for last Thursday and make it for this morning. So I will be missing you all again today but hey ho every cloud some of you may say. That brings me nicely onto the “Summer” (a neat move from clouds as in weather don’t you think?), a time when usually we turn off the heating but not this year. What’s happened to “global warming” has it missed Rugeley? It’s also a time when some of you are thinking of and taking holidays. Some will go to exotic places abroad, some to see relatives the other side of the world, some stay nearer home spending time in this lovely country of ours and of course some of you continue to support the activities you enjoy. And talking of support, (notice how I moved seamlessly from one subject to the next!) the club needs your support at the various social events we have lined up. Unfortunately I missed the Music Group in May but my spies tell me that it was a very good show and at times very funny (who ever it was who linked the song from Titanic to an “iceberg” lettuce was very clever). The Barn Dance is the next social event this month and then in July we have the BBQ and the Dinner Dance, so there is still a lot going on and I wouldn’t want you to miss out so get your tickets and join in the fun. Talking of fun (here I go again I hope you are keeping up) I’m still waiting for nominations for the various positions available at the AGM. Without these positions filled the club will not exist beyond September so please think on, the last thing I want to do as departing chairman is to begin a winding up procedure after 20 years in existence providing activities for 580 plus members. Someone out there can do the jobs I’m sure so don’t be shy, step up to the plate and show us what you can do for the clubs future.     Tarra, Garry

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