From the Chair – May 2021

Chat from Me—

Hopefully still on track for Sheepfair opening its doors on the 21st of June.   Activity leaders have been contacted and mostly positive about returning.

Tennis has started back, now at Hednesford tennis courts, and is currently free.  So, anyone wishing to join us for the banter as much as the tennis please come along on Friday mornings at 10 am.  Or contact me to check if it’s on due to weather and numbers. We finished with around 12 members on 2 courts prior to covid. But,  unfortunately, the courts at Lea Hall closed down and a couple of members went elsewhere.  Together with holidays and health issues, we need to make sure we have a minimum of four we can only cope with playing doubles.

Fingers crossed I’ll see you next month, been ages since I’ve said that.

Elaine x


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