From the Chair October 2014

Hello to you all and for those of you who did not attend our A.G.M last month, I should just let you know you have got me for another twelve month as chairman. Serves you right, you should have come along and challenged the position! In fact I was very disappointed that out of potentially 570 members only 114 felt it important enough to bother to turn up. That’s only 20% or a fifth of our membership! I know some may have been unwell, or on holiday, but come on, the A.G.M is the most important coffee morning of the year and we should have had many, many more members showing interest in the way the club is being run and by whom. The club needs support and that is not what we are getting at the moment from some members. It becomes very tiresome trying to get members to commit themselves to do something positive for the club. Our calendars are not selling well and some members are complaining about the price and other issues! These sorts of comments are in my view petty and very annoying to those of us who are trying very hard to generate some enthusiasm among you all. We need to sell over 350 just to break even, the calendar has not been produced to make heaps of money, but we do need to cover the printing costs. It’s a one off calendar to celebrate the 20th anniversary and we do not propose to print one every year. I would hope and expect that every home of our members would have a calendar just to support YOUR club, what you do with it is your business, keep it and use it or give it as a gift to relatives, friends or neighbours. By not buying one is a slap in the face of those who have taken the time and trouble of painting the pictures and taking the photos. If we make a loss on this project we may have to look elsewhere to make up the deficit and that could affect everyone. There are 365 days on the calendar and we are asking you to pay just one penny a day for 350 of them to support us, shame on you who fail us.For those of you who have supported the club by buying a calendar a very BIG THANK YOU we hope you enjoy looking at it.



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