From the Chair September 2014

Hello everyone, I was so pleased to see you all at our AGM.  As you know your committee will stand down and a new one formed, so I hope you will not be too bored with it all. In fact you should all be really interested in who will be on the committee for this next twelve months looking after your interests. Just as I said last month next year is promising to be a very busy year and we need you to be involved to help with the arranging and organising and then of course attending the functions. So come on, get involved and do something to help. Talking of help I/we need help in setting up the speaker system at coffee mornings; I/we also need someone with computer and teaching ability to run a computer class with Chris Buck. I’m sure there is someone among 560 members who is able to help in either or both of these technical areas otherwise we won’t be able to hear the speakers and neither will we be able to resurrect the computer class.  So there we are, help is required, don’t sit back, get involved and HELP, after all it’s for your benefit as well as everyone else! By the way, along with 57 others, we had a fantastic time when we all went on the Settle to Carlisle trip. We had a super coach and driver (Dave) and Barry really turned it on for us this time. While waiting for our train to arrive a steam locomotive pulling several carriages thundered through the station at Settle. The next day the weather was perfect and on our way to Bowness on Windermere we saw, two Lancaster bombers and the Red Arrows fly past. While waiting to board our boat for the trip on the lake, the Lancaster’s came back again. The boat trip led us to a second train ride at the top of the lake and this time it was our turn to travel by steam. Our day ended with a sing song (with Barry leading the way) on the coach on our way back home. What a fantastic weekend, and what a brilliant job Barry did for us. Now it would be a tragedy if we had to stop the trips because they were not being used because Barry couldn’t fill the coach coz this one was a beauty. So don’t miss out on future trips coz he’s got some super ideas up his sleeve. As the saying goes “use it or loose it” get your names down on the outings and don’t forget also the theatre trips that Moira and Joy arrange, enjoy the experience coz that’s wot it is.

Ta’ra Garry


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