From the Chair September

Good morning to you one and all, this is it then, my time as chairperson has come to an end and a time to welcome your new officers. But before I go I’ve just got time to tell you about our recent Phoenix trip to Edinburgh. It was a fantastic trip and it was all down to Barry, who was challenged beyond belief. You really needed to be there to appreciate all he did to make the trip memorable. You should ask those who went what happened it’s a real story. But I will say “Hats off to you Barry you did a fantastic job”. So that’s it the end of an era well for me at any rate. It’s been a privilege and an honour to be your chairman for the past three years. I may not have pleased everyone during that time but my aim was to push forward build on the success of past chairpersons and to make the club more attractive to you the member. I may not have succeeded in some eyes but it’s not for the want of trying. I still maintain that the club that started 20 years ago with 42 members and has now in excess of 500 cannot be run as it was then, there has to be changes to progress. We are no longer a small group of people working to establish a club environment. We are a large organisation and with it brings challenges that can only be overcome by you the member taking some responsibility and helping the officers and committee. Don’t sit back waiting for someone else to do something, do it yourself. Only then can we make this great club of ours even greater. It’s all up to all of us not just the willing few!I really appreciate all the support I have had and the challenges we have faced together. Thank you. So for the final time!

Tarra Garry

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