In the Spotlight – Walking September 2018

Walking– Welcome to what the Monday walkers get up to. We are a jolly group who get together on a Monday morning to do a walk, walks we do last for about 2 hours, we have different leaders each week, who lead us astray and we walk no matter what the weather is doing. After the walk we have coffee/tea and biscuits. People just bring their own flasks and cup, the tea/coffee milk, sugar and biscuits are provided.  Sometimes we take our tea/coffee in a pub. When the Monday  falls on a bank holiday we venture a bit further out  and have our lunch in a pub. We also do evening walks and have a meal afterwards. We have a good number of people willing to lead walks, I lead quite a few and usually the walks I lead we get mislaid, people say we are lost, I never get lost, I know where I am, the other 30 or so people don’t know where they are!

We get well over 30 people walking, sometime over 40 turn out, so if there are members who want to walk to walk and talk on a Monday  come along and give it a try.


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