Netiquette (Net Etiquette)

Net Etiquette refers to the generally accepted ways of communicating on the internet.

1.    Generally entries referring to internet objects are in lower case. (Email addresses, URL’s, search strings etc.).
2.    UPPERCASE is accepted as shouting!
3.    Remember any thing posted on the internet can be seen by others (perhaps by people that you would prefer not to see the information), Keep private information – Private!
4.    Without being too cynical, be aware that contacts from ‘people?’ over the internet via email, social media, pop up items on web pages that are unexpected may not be what they seem. If I tell you I am a young lady of 18 years old, can you be sure I am what I say, or if I say I am from Microsoft and would need to correct an issue on your machine! (Really – Microsoft with billions of customers picked you out for individual help?).

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