Sequence Dancing & Line Dancing- October 2019

Activities in the Spotlight—  Sequence Dancing

Mondays the day for our weekly sequence dance

Where we dream of being like strictly but that’s a fat chance

We get there early sign in and put our shoes on,

Then the music begins and we say to our partner do we know this one.

We dance for an hour and then it’s time for a break

When we have a cup of tea and a biscuit or sometimes a cake.

Two hours has passed and we are finally done

But those two hours were special and we had such fun.

So, do not be afraid and think that’s not for me

Come down and see us and say, “I’ll See”.


Line Dancing

Tuesday afternoon at 2pm is the time to come along to Sheepfair  for Line dancing. About 25 of us have a great time learning new dances to some superb music. Beginners are always joining us and we have some experienced line dancers to help anyone who isn’t sure of the steps. There is a lot of laughter and new friendships are always developing. The session lasts an hour so why not come along, make  some new friendships and enjoy the music.  Incidentally it is a good  way to get fit!!!


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