Speaking from the Chair April 2015

Hi, hello and welcome to the April newsletter. Spring is in the air, the daffodils are looking lovely (and may I say so are you), the lambs are bounding about the fields and all in all things are looking good. It makes you feel like throwing open the curtains in the morning, opening the window, sticking yer chest out and breathing in that fresh air. Then quietly closing the window and climbing back under the quilt for a warm. Yes it’s me again back from our trip to the Lakes and a very windy trip to Scotland. Fully refreshed and raring to go, which reminds me; you know I will be giving up the chair come at the September AGM. Oh, come on, don’t get upset, and dry your eyes and stop that laughing and cheering! So who is going to take over? Someone has to otherwise we will have to close the club down and no-one wants that do we. Returning to my cheery feeling, don’t forget the Monday walkers treasure hunt on SATURDAY 18th April go and speak to Bill about it, he’s over there next to Brenda. Another great venture will be the St Georges Day “A very English Afternoon Tea” on Thursday 23rd at Sheepfair. This promises to be a very special event put on by the Knit & Natter. Also next month Pat Tams is having another plant sale for charity so bring along any spare plants you have. So that’s it for now, I can’t think of anything else to say. What do you mean that’s not like me! Now where’s me sun hat and glasses?

 Tarra, Garry

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