The Isolator- Nov 2020

Here go once more!

Just as we had started taking small steps forward into the land of Semi Normality, we start
slipping back into the land of Lockdown 2. We will all do everything that has been advised
even if we don’t like it because we know it’s for the good of our loved ones and our friends.
Being veterans we are more prepared. Don’t buy 50 toilet rolls, worst-case scenario cut
up squares of newspaper thread through some string and hang on loo roll holder. I could
perhaps do a YouTube video on how to do this, it would contain details of which newspapers have the softest paper and which print doesn’t come off easily. All very important features.
Pasta – unless you are running a covert Italian restaurant, a couple of bags of spaghetti lasts
for ages.
Flour – I’m sure you’ve got banana bread out of your system by now.
Tinned tomatoes- do we really need to stock up? If you think this is an essential item let me
know how many tins you would use in a month. Saying that if you’re in partnership with the covert Italian restaurant you may need lots.
I think being veterans we are confident that the shops will keep well-stocked.
The only essential items I insist you stock up on are wine and beer. These two items are vital for your well-being and sanity. I tried and tested this theory in lockdown 1 and it really does work, so I shall be following the same regime in lockdown 2. As I’ve tried and tested this theory you can be confident in my findings and I hope you follow
my advice and enjoy.

Cheers Sue x

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