Thoughts from an Isolator – March 2021

We will begin our journey
Are you ready ?
Check List
Road map √
Bags of excitement √
A box of apprehension √
Let’s go
Follow the map, it’s very detailed, what we can
do and where we can go.
Bags of excitement, family, friends, hairdressers,
meals out, so much to do on this journey.
In the apprehension box and we all have one,
going into crowded places, travelling, or for
some just going outside, I think we will all have
something in the apprehension box. For this
part of the journey baby steps are required.
Family and friends are there to lend a hand and
help us through.
So I am confident that we will all reach our
goal and get to the end together. Looking
forward to seeing you all at the end of this
Love Sue xxx

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