Thoughts from an Isolator

From an isolator, confused isolator, emerging isolator, dreaming isolator, veteran isolator. I think I have more or less covered all my feelings during the last 11 months, so what’s the next stage. It’s got to be vaccinations! Never have so many been so thrilled to get the call for an injection. Friends contacting friends to check if they’ve had theirs, where did they have to go for it, and did they feel ok afterwards. It’s a welcome ray of sunshine to us all plus It’s starting to stay lighter each day, bulbs are coming through and buds are appearing on the trees, to me these are all signs of us coming through the darkness into the light.
I smiled when I heard how Captain Tom wanted his funeral service conducted, March in, March out, carry on with life. I think his wise words are fitting to this pandemic, we marched into it, we will march out of it and we will carry on. Here’s to returning to Phoenix.

Love Sue


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