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Line Dancing November 2017


The day comes round again for our next line dance meet.

Where the music is so cheery it soon has us tapping our feet.

Each tune is very different from Good-time Girl to an Irish stew.

There’s a pretty Belinda and a Scooby Doo.


Sometimes the steps seems difficult and Hazel has to shout.

But we all get up anyway and help each other out,.

The hour passes quickly and we have all had fun.

Perhaps the only thing missing is a cuppa and a sticky bun.


Time for home so we take our chairs and put them away.

Look forward to next week, same time, same day.

We say our farewells make our way to the door.

Thinking of next week and more fun that’s for sure.

Sequence Dancing – In the Spotlight

Monday Sequence Dance group meet every Monday, 1.30 pm to 4.00 pm. Friendly and very pleasant people attend. We do the older type of dances plus the old favourites and the more up to date ones that have just been released. if too ridicule they are dropped and move on to another one. And so for fifty pence, plus tea and biscuits it’s a good afternoons entertainment. If you have any questions please contact the group leader.

Theatre Group – The Girls

On June 29th members & friends enjoyed a fantastic trip to London to see ‘The Girls’, a musical based on ‘The Calendar Girls’. We laughed and cried at the twists and turns of the story and the wonderful cast earned every moment of the standing ovation they received. Thanks must go to Middleton’s for their excellent organisation of the day. The show will be on tour next year… Catch it if you can!

We are now looking for our next production. Please let Moira or Joy know if there is something you would like to see.

Moira and Joy

Knit & Natter – June 2017

Our friendly group has been busy this year. WE handed over 24 ‘twiddlemuffs’, to the M.A.S.E. group, (a wonderful free support group for people with dementia and their carers).

At Easter we made lots of lovely blooms for a ‘curtain of poppies’, to be exhibited next year in Wales. Each poppy represents a person from the UK who perished in world war 1, so there is a lot of knitting to do!

We meet a Sheepfair on Thursday afternoon from 2pm – 4pm and you can bring any craft.. not just knitting.

Give us a try!

In the Spotlight – Crown Green Bowling – May 2107

All you Crown Green Bowlers out there. We have started bowling at Lea hall

Monday 10.30am-12.30pm

We have also been offered another mornings bowling on

Tuesday 10.30am-12.30pm at Lea hall.

The group leaders will give Tuesday a couple of weeks to see if there is any interest.

Green fees £15, Lea hall Club £5

so an inexpensive way to play bowls twice a week if you want.

Contact Jan Quartermain or Di Sanford

Tennis in the Spotlight April 2017

April has not been the start of our new tennis season as we play outdoors all through the winter, if the weather is dry. However, the early spring cold winds have not yet permitted the revelation of knees and tracksuits are still needed to maintain body heat.

All the usual suspects from last year are still with us and we send our best wishes to Dave Russell after his short spell in hospital.

The only cloud on the horizon is that we may lose our venue, (Lea Hall), next year due to possible development-it’s all uncertain at this time.

Tai Chi In The Spotlight – February 2017

A non competitive martial art known for its health benefit. An ancient tradition that has evolved over centuries to become a means of alleviating distress and anxiety. A form of meditation, claimed to promote serenity and inner peace.

Come and join our friendly tutor group on Wednesday morning. 9.30am – 10.30am.

All very welcome

Tutor fees vary between £10 – £15 for 10 sessions.

Line Dancing Fun

To start the dancing is Hazels battle

To get some hush from noisy cackle

She patiently waits, skills galore

For us dancers to take the floor

When finally we are ready to start

On the goes the dance Achey Breaky Heart

And usually cause a right kerfuffle

We try to do a Sailors Skiffle

WE stand in our orderly lines

Doing rocks, pivots, taps and vines

After several twists to the left

WE have to stop to take a breath

Now it seems we can put the steps together

And at last are dancing better

After practice we know the dance and tune

What good fun we have on Tuesday afternoon

20th Anniversary Walk

What a great walk we had to celebrate the 20th anniversary walk on Monday 23rd. Beryl Stubbs one of the very first founder members and Bill the current walks leader led the way. Although the walk did not follow the exact same route which was from Etchinghill to what is now Wolseley Gardens, the walk was none the less brilliant. We ste off from the Chase Pub (Hagley Road) working our way to Etchinghill and then took a path across fields, along a green lane to emerge at the main A51 at Wolseley. We then headed along the main A51 a short distance back towards Rugeley before turning right along a track that brought us to an area where Beryl explained some history of the walls an archway and why there were holes in the wall. We then made our way along pathways crossing fields and back to the crossroads at Etchinghill finally arriving back at the pub for deserved refreshments. It was a thoroughly enjoyable walk and a treat to be able to follow (so to speak) in the footsteps of those who founded the club