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Chat from Me – October 2020

No change from Phoenix at the moment, hope everyone’s keeping their chin up or in my case chins, are anyone else’s clothes shrinking in lockdown even the ones, not in the wash strange …. still the baking is coming on fine, although I baked (new hobby for me) a lovely Dorset apple and cinnamon cake yesterday but unfortunately had to throw it away today because when I opened the cake tin out flew a fly who looked like me if I’d been locked in a wine cellar all night hic.

At times like this, it reminds us how important friends and family are and if it’s difficult to see them at the moment try to keep in touch by phone or the Internet a good chat makes the world of difference. For those of you who are Internet savvy check out our         Facebook page…Rugeley Phoenix…we would love you to add pictures, jokes, poems, etc.—

Take care Elaine xx


Chat from Me—

Hope everyone is well, especially in these difficult times.

I have been contacted by several of the Phoenix members regarding the re-opening of some of the activities, after meeting with the officers of the committee, a letter had been sent out to the activity leaders requesting feedback and thoughts from our members. The outcome was a mixed bag some members wanting to return but others feeling it was too early. After reviewing the situation our main concern is the cleaning of Sheepfair not only the toilets and equipment used but the alarm, light switches, door handle, blind pulls etc which would all need to be cleaned after every activity. So, unfortunately, we will remain closed for the time being. We will review the situation in a few weeks when the schools are up and running.

Stay safe—Elaine

Chat from Me – August 2020

Yet another month in lockdown, still chomping at the bit to get back. The
officers of the committee are meeting to look at which activities can start back at
Sheepfair, we will be contacting leaders for their feedback.
I am aware that as of today the government is saying, ‘put the brake pedal on’, and take
things slowly, so things may be different for a while. But fingers crossed we can start to
move forward for the sake of keeping us sane!
I hope everyone is well and hopefully see
you soon.


Please see the ‘Spotlight’, section for the minutes from the above-mentioned meeting.

Chat from Me – July 2020

Who would have thought that back in March we would still be in lockdown in
July? We have been asked if we have had any thoughts of re-opening, Sue and I visited
Sheepfair this week and although Delma has worked hard to have in place Covid safety
measures, myself and a few of the committee members feel it is still too early to return. I
understand people need to get out and meet others and this has been a difficult decision but the health and wellbeing of our members is paramount. We will review the situation at the beginning of August.
When we do re-open, we should do it with a bang as it was Phoenix Rugeley 25th anniversary back in June and the plans we had were put on hold,
so watch this space. So, stay safe and rest assured we will re-open as
soon as we feel it is safe to do so.

Chat from Me

Approximately 11 weeks into lockdown I hope everyone is safe and well. I know we are all missing family and friends but I’m feeling grateful we can now see people in our ‘bubble’ and I’ve managed to sit opposite ends of a park bench with some of my friends. I’m sure you’re missing your      Phoenix friends and activities (a big hello to the line dancers and badminton players yes, I’m missing you) this may take a little longer before we see any change. Sheepfair has no plans to re-open their doors for a while but as soon as there is any change, we will inform you. Tennis on a Friday morning is possibly the first to be able open, contact us if you are interested in joining.

Myself, approximately 11 weeks into new house move, still no official internet until July. New settee was ordered in December finally came this week we’ve been sitting on garden chairs all this time (sold the old suite and conservatory settee before we moved) nightmare on your back.

Positive things to come out of this new world has to be realising how important the little things we usually take for granted are (taking the dog and sitting outside a nice country pub with a glass of wine) or is that just me? Noticing the gorgeous sunsets, we have had.

So, take care and don’t forget to check us out on the new Phoenix Facebook page. There are some lovely paintings from   Phoenix members on there.



Chat from me- May 2020

I hope everyone keeping safe in lockdown. I don’t want
to moan at all the obvious bad things happening
(including me trying to bake). But to look on the positive
side, what lovely weather we have had I’ve noticed
how much clearer the air is. How friendly people
are when walking the dog as they probably haven’t
spoken to anyone else in a while. The clapping for the
NHS so loud I love it. Pictures of rainbows in people’s
windows and painted stones around the village. The
trees and plants are still growing. The animals are
doing what they do unaware of the human world falling
apart. I would love to catch a sighting of the meteor
shower. So, feeling thankful that lockdown for
many of us will be over, but remembering some are
not so lucky.
I’d like to take this opportunity to thank Kath and
Brian for setting up the Phoenix Facebook page and to
the members for sending in photos and keeping it
going. So, if you’ve got access to Facebook to check it
out and keep in touch.
Look forward to seeing everyone when ‘normal ‘as we
know it is resumed. -Elaine

Chat from Me— (well not Me) April 2020

Hi to you all,
Elaine is unable to get her
Chat to us this month, she sends her
apologies. They have just moved house, in
fact, had to move themselves as they
couldn’t get a Removal company, so they
are still trying to sort themselves out. She
also has no internet connection yet.
We wish her and her family well in their new
home. Kath
CHAIRMAN’S EMAIL— Chairman@rugeleyphoenix,

Chat from Me

May I take this opportunity to say well done to the Rugeley quiz team who came 2nd out of 17 teams in the Gnosall federation quiz which took place on the 6th March. Congratulations to the winners Walton.
Thank you to the Table Tennis club for last month’s coffee morning raffle, which raised
£72 for Brereton Church. This month’s guest speaker is Roger Tait, Rugeley in Bloom.
My chats short this month I’m packing, fingers crossed I’m moving house next week and it’s
been very stressful.
So, may you all be healthy and coronavirus free.

From the Chair – February 2020

Apart from storm Ciara and storm, Denis February has been a fairly quiet month. That’s not to say the committee hasn’t been beavering away this year, it’s the 25th anniversary of Rugeley Phoenix, which surely should be worth a celebration. So keep a lookout for upcoming information.

We’ve got free tours planned, in April, around Bishton Hall and grounds, lunch and ree valuation. Ask your activity leaders, places are limited.

Plus theatre trips to the Lichfield Garrick for ‘That’ll Be The Day, on 19th June 2020 and The Hippodrome for the ‘Slava Snow Show in October.

The Liverpool trip is almost full only 2 seats left, so keep an eye out for more trips.

Well done to Keep Fit at the January Coffee Morning raffle they raised£100 for Headway. and well done to Pat and Di Coffee Morning numbers are up.

We also made a £300 profit at the Christmas Carol Service t St Paul’s so well done to everyone for their support.


Chat from Me – January 2020

Thank you to the 100 members who attended the December coffee morning, yes bang on 100 it was a lovely atmosphere thanks to Di n Pat for organising it.
The Phoenix Federation Christmas concert at St Paul’s was also a success thank you to all the guys involved. Rhoda for the lovely mince pies. Kath for organising the music group and to everyone who took part. Also, to the ladies who crafted the pictures and cards to give to the other federations. I have received a letter of thanks from Bill Basford, the federation chairman expressing how enjoyable the afternoon was.

Well done to Sandra and John for organising the ‘Christmas singalong’, it was well attended and was another successful evening.

Well done to the Monday walkers who’s Christmas walk on the 16th December raised
£100 for Longdon church. They also raised £97.50 for autism at the Christmas Coffee

A big thank you to all the people who attended and supported these events.

Let’s hope we have a successful 2020.