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Chat from Me – March 2021

Chat from Me—
Nothing to report from Phoenix. I’ve had my covid vaccination sooner
than I expected, so I feel there is light at the end of the tunnel. The
days are drawing out so hoping for normality in the summer depending
on Boris’s road map.
February I welcomed the arrival of my new grandson, Noah, I said to my
daughters we are getting to be like the Waltons this was met with blank
faces. I bet you know what I mean. Short and sweet today so goodnight
John boy!!

Elaine xx

Chat from me- February 2021

Here we are in February nearly a year since Phoenix closed its doors but hopefully, with vaccinations taking place we will be starting up again this year. Unfortunately, not so for the tennis club (with new members waiting to join Phoenix), we have been fighting the closure of the tennis courts at Lea Hall for some time.  But this week the local council informed us that the courts will be closed and starter homes will be built on the land and in fact the digging has begun to lay the gas pipes.  Thank you for the effort of those involved in collecting names etc and petitioning  Cannock council. A disappointing outcome.

A nod to the line dancers, I’ve been playing the music to remind me of the dances but the steps are a blur!!

Spring is around the corner so stay safe, stay well.



From The Chair – Childhood winter memories

Childhood winter memories 3 minutes lighter a day, daffodils poking their heads through the icy dirt and catkins on the trees all a sign spring Is on its way, although I suspect we will have a little more snow yet. Darcie and I built a snowman with a carrot nose no coal around nowadays for his buttons and eyes so we had to use stones. We didn’t have enough snow near me for sledging. I remember the sledge my dad had made when we were kids, with steel on the runners it was heavy to pull up the hill but was the fastest on the way down. Returning home after a morning sledging your toes would hurt with the cold through your wellies. You would wrap a warm towel around your hands to stop them getting hot aches! There would be hot buttered toast, no toaster, but held over the fire on a long-handled fork. I’d like to think we drank hot chocolate but in reality, it would probably have been corona pop from the pop man. Favourite winter dinner tatty ash with brown sauce not to be confused with potato hash and not something I’ve heard of anyone eating in recent times.

Take care, stay safe there is light at the end of the winter’s tunnel x


From the Chair

Chat from Me— Christmas memories
December is upon us as is the wintery weather but there’s something magical about the dark afternoons with the Christmas tree lights twinkling, the glow of the scented candles, and a feel-good film on TV. I remember as a child the candles only ever came out when there was a power cut. I would have been about 10 when in 1973 we had the 3 day a week blackout. The Christmas run-up started with a pomegranate you ate with a pin (we lived dangerously then) dates in an oblong box with a wooden fork, nuts you had to crack yourself, and those sugary orange and lemon slices. The decorations would have been a small tree with coloured lights on Paper lanterns and homemade garlands hanging from the ceiling. Presents always included an annual, a compendium game, and chocolate in a netted stocking. The highlight at the age of 10 was the glass of advocaat (snowball) with a cherry on a stick, mine was probably mostly lemonade but I felt grown up. The TV was probably a Morecambe and Wise Christmas special.
Whatever your Christmas is like now have an enjoyable one, stay safe. Phoenix will be back next year.  Elaine

Chat from Me – November 2020

I’ve always had dogs since a child, but never have I been so grateful for my current pooch during the lockdown. Elsie, my cocker spaniel has helped me keep sane. With hubby still working and not being able to see friends and family, we have walked all over Rugeley and surrounding areas. Fed up of muddy fields, canal, and the forest we have taken to walking the streets. Hope everyone is managing to get out we’ve had some lovely autumnal days.

Tennis was open for a few weeks and a couple of new members are eager to join the Phoenix. Unfortunately, we’ve had to close down again in the 2nd lockdown and have been informed that the planning application for new houses to be built on the ‘disused ‘ tennis courts has been lodged. We are in dispute that they are disused as Phoenix has been playing on them for many years.

Stay safe, stay sane it won’t be forever. – Elaine x

Chat from Me – October 2020

No change from Phoenix at the moment, hope everyone’s keeping their chin up or in my case chins, are anyone else’s clothes shrinking in lockdown even the ones, not in the wash strange …. still the baking is coming on fine, although I baked (new hobby for me) a lovely Dorset apple and cinnamon cake yesterday but unfortunately had to throw it away today because when I opened the cake tin out flew a fly who looked like me if I’d been locked in a wine cellar all night hic.

At times like this, it reminds us how important friends and family are and if it’s difficult to see them at the moment try to keep in touch by phone or the Internet a good chat makes the world of difference. For those of you who are Internet savvy check out our         Facebook page…Rugeley Phoenix…we would love you to add pictures, jokes, poems, etc.—

Take care Elaine xx


Chat from Me—

Hope everyone is well, especially in these difficult times.

I have been contacted by several of the Phoenix members regarding the re-opening of some of the activities, after meeting with the officers of the committee, a letter had been sent out to the activity leaders requesting feedback and thoughts from our members. The outcome was a mixed bag some members wanting to return but others feeling it was too early. After reviewing the situation our main concern is the cleaning of Sheepfair not only the toilets and equipment used but the alarm, light switches, door handle, blind pulls etc which would all need to be cleaned after every activity. So, unfortunately, we will remain closed for the time being. We will review the situation in a few weeks when the schools are up and running.

Stay safe—Elaine

Chat from Me – August 2020

Yet another month in lockdown, still chomping at the bit to get back. The
officers of the committee are meeting to look at which activities can start back at
Sheepfair, we will be contacting leaders for their feedback.
I am aware that as of today the government is saying, ‘put the brake pedal on’, and take
things slowly, so things may be different for a while. But fingers crossed we can start to
move forward for the sake of keeping us sane!
I hope everyone is well and hopefully see
you soon.


Please see the ‘Spotlight’, section for the minutes from the above-mentioned meeting.

Chat from Me – July 2020

Who would have thought that back in March we would still be in lockdown in
July? We have been asked if we have had any thoughts of re-opening, Sue and I visited
Sheepfair this week and although Delma has worked hard to have in place Covid safety
measures, myself and a few of the committee members feel it is still too early to return. I
understand people need to get out and meet others and this has been a difficult decision but the health and wellbeing of our members is paramount. We will review the situation at the beginning of August.
When we do re-open, we should do it with a bang as it was Phoenix Rugeley 25th anniversary back in June and the plans we had were put on hold,
so watch this space. So, stay safe and rest assured we will re-open as
soon as we feel it is safe to do so.

Chat from Me

Approximately 11 weeks into lockdown I hope everyone is safe and well. I know we are all missing family and friends but I’m feeling grateful we can now see people in our ‘bubble’ and I’ve managed to sit opposite ends of a park bench with some of my friends. I’m sure you’re missing your      Phoenix friends and activities (a big hello to the line dancers and badminton players yes, I’m missing you) this may take a little longer before we see any change. Sheepfair has no plans to re-open their doors for a while but as soon as there is any change, we will inform you. Tennis on a Friday morning is possibly the first to be able open, contact us if you are interested in joining.

Myself, approximately 11 weeks into new house move, still no official internet until July. New settee was ordered in December finally came this week we’ve been sitting on garden chairs all this time (sold the old suite and conservatory settee before we moved) nightmare on your back.

Positive things to come out of this new world has to be realising how important the little things we usually take for granted are (taking the dog and sitting outside a nice country pub with a glass of wine) or is that just me? Noticing the gorgeous sunsets, we have had.

So, take care and don’t forget to check us out on the new Phoenix Facebook page. There are some lovely paintings from   Phoenix members on there.