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Phoenix Photography Competition 2024

Phoenix Photography Competition 2024 – Instructions

The Phoenix Photo Group (PPG) is re-introducing the Phoenix Photography Competition in digital format only, starting on the 1st January 2024 and closing on the 28th February.  All entries will be assessed by PPG members while projected on screen using an established scoring system and the winners will be announced at the Coffee Morning on the 21st March, when prizes will be awarded for the best 3 photos. Also, those 3 best photos will be printed out and displayed in the photo frame on the wall next to the store-room for 12 months.  Your photo must be relatively “recent” (i.e. taken within the last 12 months) and must be taken by you.


Step 1: Take your digital photo with your smartphone; there are no categories – you can make it any subject you like. (You might take more than one, then choose the best one.)

Step 2: In Gallery, tap on your photo (or one you’ve taken previously) in order to “tidy it up”, which can include straightening/levelling, cropping and adjustment of the tonal balance, contrast and/or exposure. Your smartphone is already equipped with editing software for you to use and the tools are on screen. **

Step3:  save your photo, then attach it to an e-mail and send it to, giving your name and Phoenix membership number.

You will receive and acknowledgement that your photo has been received and it will be entered into the competition.


** If you are not sure how to use this software, the PPG is happy to invite you to a briefing/training session at Etching hill Village Hall at 1.30pm on Monday afternoon 4th December to show you how to “tidy up” your photo in your smartphone in order to give it a better chance of winning.  If you wish to attend, send an e-mail to giving your name and Phoenix membership number.  It will cost you £1.50 and this will include tea/coffee and biscuits.  Make sure to bring your smartphone with you!  Ample free parking is available.