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Confused Isolater – Aug 2020

Apparently, I am in the 52% of people in the country that are confused about what we can do, can’t do, and must do. So good to hear I’m not on my own.
We all need to eat healthy  We can get up to 50% off when eating in fast-food
restaurants Eat out to help out. We need to get fit We may need to start a Phoenix cycling group
Think the doctor will give me a bike or am I confused about that.
We can perhaps call in KFC’s on the way back from our cycle ride.
If you nip into Greggs for a cheeky sausage roll, wear your mask
If you sit in to eat it, along with other diners, no mask required
Think I’ll do the mask if I eat in with my luck a Phoenix member will spot my guilty pleasure (Ha Ha)
I can have six people from different households in my garden observing social distancing for a catch-up.
I am very fortunate that I have more than six friends, so I can see them all down the pub Cheers!
I can have someone in to clean the house and fix that dripping tap. Just wondering which one of my friends has a mop and a Bob the builder toolkit.
I could go on and on about my confusions and I’m sure many of you are the same.
Perhaps we could do a Phoenix Quiz on the rules and regulations of what we can and can’t do, I know you won’t be rushing to have me on your team.
As the directives of what to do, what not to do and what you must do change
hourly and daily, the Phoenix quiz team will have to be on the ball.
To hug or not to hug that is the question, well it’s just one question.
A sign of the times is I’ve got mask envy! Have you noticed all the different types there are, some are very stylish even coordinated with what you wear.
Regardless of your style of mask they are necessary and we will wear them where we must. The sad thing for me is you can’t see people smile. In these troubled times, nothing lifts you like a smile. Keep smiling, even if no one can see it, remember smiles is the longest word in the world! There is mile between the first and last letter.
Love Sue AKA Confused Rugeley


After weeks of lockdown and isolation, it feels like the world outside is alien and it is.
We’ve all landed on another planet, and we have to learn the customs and rules.
The first lesson you have to learn is that the rules of this planet change daily!
One definite rule is keep a distance of 1 metre plus from people when outside, that is if you can’t keep a distance of 2 metres, now that’s easy to understand. 🤣
You can now form bubbles. On the other planet, you called them families.
Face visors or masks are being worn by hairdressers, bar staff restaurant staff plus shop assistants, do not be perturbed they are very friendly.
You can wear a mask too but be prepared for people not to understand what you are saying plus your glasses will steam up.
It will take time for us all to feel confident to venture out into this strange new world and I think baby steps are needed, small steps, there’s no rush and we need to do it at our own pace. For friends who are still shielding and isolating we are thinking of you and looking forward to us all getting together again very soon.
Love Sue x

PS Today I had my roots done and hair cut so   feeling almost human, not sure if that is a good feeling on an alien planet🤣

Contact to the isolated March 2020

Good Afternoon,
We are looking at ways to keep in touch with each other!-
These are Sue Breen’s thoughts as an isolated Phoenix member!

The Thoughts of an Isolator
Today’s todo list
Shave legs – The forestry commission will be proud of me.
Pluck eyebrows – First I’ve got to find them🤣 (Does that count as another job?)
Sort out knicker draw – sort in colour and size, grey is the in colour at the moment so those old white ones are now in fashion. (Could be keepers)
Clean oven – This thankfully was just a passing thought Phew it’s passed
Learn a language- My husband says I’m doing really well at this, he reckons I’m using words he’s never heard before🤣
The most important thoughts of the day have got to be :
What can I eat next
How long until lunchtime
I’m really looking forward to dinner tonight
Surely it’s got to be ok to open a bottle of wine at 6 o’clock.
Love Sue x

I am also going to be producing the Newsletter, as usual,  I am looking for items for the pages.
Please send me your words of wisdom, quizzes, poems, recommendations for books or films, ideas for staying busy, (keep it clean), etc.
Keep healthy
Kath  Cheers

Activities Cancelled until further notice

Due to the latest government advice regarding Coronavirus all Phoenix Activities are cancelled until further notice

Trips update- February 2020

Trips commence on March 12th 2020

Liverpool trip Thursday 12th March 2020.

Coach departs Rugeley Bus Station at 8.30am.

2 seats left


Mystery Trip-Wednesday May 13th 2020

Price includes 2 course lunch

£35 per person

A lovely May trip

Bookings Taken At Coffee Morning


Phoenix Federation Christmas Celebration December 2019

Phoenix Christmas celebration

Rugeley Phoenix is hosting the Phoenix Federation in a Christmas celebration at                                              St Paul’s Church on Thursday 12th December 2019, 2pm-4pm.                         A limited number of tickets are available at £4 each.
Please get your tickets as soon as you can at Coffee Morning or get in touch with,

Sue Breen, Kath Bryan, Rhoda, Eileen Aston or other members of the Committee.

This is a service with readings, poems, singing and refreshments, to celebrate what Phoenix is all about,
Friendship and Companionship.

Phoenix AGM – 19th September 2019

AGM— It’s coming around to that time again!

September 19th 2019, Coffee Morning.
Please come and support your Phoenix group

Positions on the committee–
Any member of the club is eligible to put their name forward for
any position. If you want to put your name forward please get in
touch with Sue before the AGM.

Ivan is stepping down as ‘Trips’, leader. A big thank you to him for
all the work he has put in organizing some great visits, from the
seaside to shopping trips from canal trips to horse racing and
many more. Thank you Ivan

We need someone to take over organizing these trips going
forward. Go on give it a go…….