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Spotlight – April 2020

Helping our Nurses
Ann Nunn has sent me a message that one of the ladies in
Colton is making bags for nurses to put the dirty uniforms
in, so that, when they get home, the bags can simply be put
in the washing machine. Pillowcases are needed and perhaps
other fabrics that members have.
It was mentioned on Radio WM on the Caroline Martin’s
show a few days ago.
So, Ann is wondering how many pillowcases and other
materials might be available from Phoenix members.
Ann will ask the lady making the bags if she is prepared to
give her a contact number so that materials can be
delivered to her. Alternatively, if people have no transport,
then perhaps a collection point in Rugeley from which Ann
would be happy to collect.
Let us know if you can help.

Message from Frank to Monday walkers

Keep smiling in these difficult times.  I know it is hard for you all that you cannot see my handsome face and you are missing our get togethers.  Do as we are told  and keep 2 metres apart.  Jackie and I are with the gas and electric metres between us, but it is hard when you try and turn over in bed.  Well take care and just in case it goes on longer – a merry Christmas and a happy new year to you all.

Frank and Jackie x

Contact to the isolated March 2020

Good Afternoon,
We are looking at ways to keep in touch with each other!-
These are Sue Breen’s thoughts as an isolated Phoenix member!

The Thoughts of an Isolator
Today’s todo list
Shave legs – The forestry commission will be proud of me.
Pluck eyebrows – First I’ve got to find them🤣 (Does that count as another job?)
Sort out knicker draw – sort in colour and size, grey is the in colour at the moment so those old white ones are now in fashion. (Could be keepers)
Clean oven – This thankfully was just a passing thought Phew it’s passed
Learn a language- My husband says I’m doing really well at this, he reckons I’m using words he’s never heard before🤣
The most important thoughts of the day have got to be :
What can I eat next
How long until lunchtime
I’m really looking forward to dinner tonight
Surely it’s got to be ok to open a bottle of wine at 6 o’clock.
Love Sue x

I am also going to be producing the Newsletter, as usual,  I am looking for items for the pages.
Please send me your words of wisdom, quizzes, poems, recommendations for books or films, ideas for staying busy, (keep it clean), etc.
Keep healthy
Kath  Cheers

In The Spotlight March 2020 – Badminton

If you ask people if they’ve ever played badminton, many people will say that years ago they played at school or in the garden or even ex-club players. So what stopped you?    Think you are too old? Too Rusty?

We have two octogenarians play with us and of a good standard. So come and give it a go, see if you can rekindle your badminton skills. Good exercise and good banter. We meet at Rugeley Community Centre on Burntill Lane eery Wednesday 2pm – 4pm.

In the Spotlight February 2020 – Keep Fit & Tai Chi

In The Spotlight— Keep Fit

Tuesday morning is the time for the ladies to keep fit with Karla, we have lots of fun and laughter. Afterward, it is time for country dancing with Pat, she has the patience of a saint when we get it wrong. One of our members has a daughter in hospital and so is unable to attend every week, we all wish her a speedy recovery and hope to have her back with us soon.

Tai Chi—At last we have some places free for our Tai Chi class, Wednesday, 9.30 am to 10.30 am is our tutor class, Friday, from 2 pm to 3 pm is practice class.


In The Spotlight – Music January 2020

Phoenix Music group is always open for new members to join
them. Come and sing with us on Thursday morning 10am to
12pm, (apart from Coffee Mornings).
Recent reports say that Neuroscience proves that group
singing makes us happier, healthier, smarter and more
creative. Every time you sing, you fire up the right temporal
lobe of your brain, and release endorphins including
oxytocin which result in a feeling of wellbeing. So get

Sequence Dancing & Line Dancing- October 2019

Activities in the Spotlight—  Sequence Dancing

Mondays the day for our weekly sequence dance

Where we dream of being like strictly but that’s a fat chance

We get there early sign in and put our shoes on,

Then the music begins and we say to our partner do we know this one.

We dance for an hour and then it’s time for a break

When we have a cup of tea and a biscuit or sometimes a cake.

Two hours has passed and we are finally done

But those two hours were special and we had such fun.

So, do not be afraid and think that’s not for me

Come down and see us and say, “I’ll See”.


Line Dancing

Tuesday afternoon at 2pm is the time to come along to Sheepfair  for Line dancing. About 25 of us have a great time learning new dances to some superb music. Beginners are always joining us and we have some experienced line dancers to help anyone who isn’t sure of the steps. There is a lot of laughter and new friendships are always developing. The session lasts an hour so why not come along, make  some new friendships and enjoy the music.  Incidentally it is a good  way to get fit!!!


Walking in the Spotlight September 2019

Hello and welcome to this insight into what the Monday walkers get up to. We are a group of people who like to get outdoors and enjoy the beautiful surroundings where we live. We meet every Monday and walk in the local area mostly on the beautiful Chase. Most Mondays there are between 30 to 40 people walking and we see a lot of wild life, not from the walkers but the four-legged kind, we walk not just in Rugeley we go to Stafford, Cannock, Hednesford, Lichfield to name a few. We have a group leader who leads the walks. We don’t just walk on a Monday we also do evening walks too, which are shorter than a normal Monday and after the walk we have a meal. Every bank holiday we go a bit farther out to places such as Ilam, Curdworth, Sutton Park, we recently did what we called a bus pass walk, where we went by bus to Trentham and walked up to the monument and walked past the monkey forest into the shopping area of Trentham gardens and enjoyed a fish & chip lunch.   In July the committee paid for the hire of a coach, which the walkers were most grateful, and 45 of us went to Bewdley walked along the riverside to Highley then caught the steam train back and had 2 hours in Bewdley, then I think most of the group enjoyed Fish & Chips by the river as it was a sunny warm day.  So if you want to get out of the four walls come and enjoy the company of a great number of people who enjoy a leisurely walk no matter what the weather come along and enjoy yourselves.

In The Spotlight -Music- August 2019

Activities in the Spotlight— Music
On a grey, wet Thursday morning feeling down, come and sing
together, at the Phoenix Music group. Have a coffee/tea and a
biscuit (or two), a good chat and go home feeling happier and
brighter. Music and singing gives you that ‘Feel Good Feeling’.
Our group have recently been singing songs from the shows, songs
like ‘Oh what a Beautiful Morning’, ‘Somewhere Over The Rainbow’,
‘Moon River’, and many more familiar tunes. We are now
singing Country & Western. So if you would like to join us
come along on a Thursday morning 10am—12pm you will be
made very welcome.

Bridge in the Spotlight – July 2019

Bridge A Bridge to brain power

Researchers have found some very good reasons to play bridge:

♣ Those who play more frequently score higher on cognitive tests.

♦ Bridge games offer intellectual and social stimulation on a routine basis.

♥ An area in the brain used in playing bridge stimulates the immune system.

Researchers suggest that is because players must use memory, visualization and sequencing.

Interested in learning to play bridge?If you have ever thought about learning to play, or getting a ‘taster’ of what is involved or want to start up again with a solid refresher of the basics, then join us

Bridge is a brilliant way to get to know other members, make lifelong friends and keep your mind fit and active. It is a thriving, growing and buzzing activity at the club.

Always Welcome