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In The Spotlight- Badminton March 2019

The badminton group meet every Wednesday 2pm -4pm at the Rugeley community church on Burnthill Lane. We currently have a healthy membership but always welcome anyone new wishing to join us, so if you are in the need for some exercise and a good belly laugh come along.

We have 2 octogenarians play, so you are never too old and the standards vary so if you are a little rusty some of the more experienced players are happy to help improve your game. We have a friendly competition usually in October with a prize trophy, but all in a competitive friendly spirit.

Activities in the Spotlight – Keep Fit -February 2019

Activities in the Spotlight— Keep Fit

 Tuesday morning must mean it is time for the ladies to get fit. We hope so, as we try very hard. The first half hour is doing keep fit with our trainer called Danni. The second half is having fun doing country dancing. There is a lot of laughter when we get the steps wrong. Pat has the patience of a saint don’t know what we would do without her.

Music Group – January 2019

Music Group

They say that Music & Singing is really good for your well being, singing in a group even better.  You can come to the music group on a dull Thursday morning feeling down, have a good sing, open your lungs and sing your heart out with really friendly people, have a coffee/tea and a chat and go home feeling happier and brighter.  It gives you that ‘Feel Good Factor’. It’s great when our group has rehearsed a song for a while and it suddenly all comes together and sounds great, (well we think it does).

So, if you would like to join us come along on a Thursday morning 10am—12pm, you will be made very welcome.

In the Spotlight – December 2018

Photography clubs have a reputation.  Unless they’re proficient with a camera, people tend to avoid them … for fear of not being “good enough”.                                                                               Not so with the Phoenix Photo Group. Our members range from beginners to experts and we learn from one another. Our meetings cover every aspect, from understanding the buttons on your camera to framing your photos.  You’ll see what I mean if you visit the Phoenix web-site:                                  

There you’ll find a whole year’s worth of weekly Newsletters that describe what we’ve done at every meeting.  These meetings are held weekly, on Mondays, at 1:45 pm at Etching Hill Village Hall.

If you haven’t yet tried us, do come along.  We’ve welcomed around 6 new members in the last three months.  Why don’t you become the seventh

In The Spotlight – October 2018

Sequence Dancing

Monday afternoon is Phoenix Sequence Dance from 1.30pm to 4.00pm. It is a friendly and pleasant activity to which all the people who attend enjoy. The dances are some of the old favourites with a few new ones put in, nothing too difficult to do. It helps to keep the brain active and our limbs moving, still only 50 pence per   session plus tea and biscuits. So, if anyone is interested please come along on Monday afternoon, you will be made very welcome.

Line Dance                                                                

 They say that dance is good for the body and mind.                            

And better exercise would be hard to find.                                               

 No tasselled boots or cowboy hats.                                                              

Take a deep breath and relax.                                                                     

 Soon it is time for the first lesson.                                                            

Just basic steps for this session.                                                                  

 The music goes on—try a few steps.                                                            

Slide, shuffle and then grapevine to the left.                                                     

Blue rose is easy to learn.                                                                           

 But Irish stew has lots to learn.                                                                           

Come & join us and have some fun.                                                                   

We welcome and encourage everyone.                                                                                                        

Activities in the Spotlight – Walking September 2018

 Walking– Welcome to what the Monday walkers get up to. We are a jolly group who get together on a Monday morning to do a walk, walks we do last for about 2 hours, we have different leaders each week, who lead us astray and we walk no matter what the weather is doing. After the walk we have coffee/tea and biscuits. People just bring their own flasks and cup, the tea/coffee milk, sugar and biscuits are provided.  Sometimes we take our tea/coffee in a pub. When the Monday  falls on a bank holiday we venture a bit further out  and have our lunch in a pub. We also do evening walks and have a meal afterwards. We have a good number of people willing to lead walks, I lead quite a few and usually the walks I lead we get mislaid, people say we are lost, I never get lost, I know where I am, the other 30 or so people don’t know where they are!

We get well over 30 people walking, sometime over 40 turn out, so if there are members who want to walk to walk and talk on a Monday  come along and give it a try.


In the Spotlight – Art


We are a friendly group and would welcome new members. Everyone has their own style of painting and they are happy  to share and receive tips. The environment is good for painting with lots of light and lots of space. Please come along, we meet Wednesday morning 10.30am to 12.30pm.  Obviously there is tea/coffee and biscuits and sometimes cake!