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Thoughts from an Isolator – March 2021

We will begin our journey
Are you ready ?
Check List
Road map √
Bags of excitement √
A box of apprehension √
Let’s go
Follow the map, it’s very detailed, what we can
do and where we can go.
Bags of excitement, family, friends, hairdressers,
meals out, so much to do on this journey.
In the apprehension box and we all have one,
going into crowded places, travelling, or for
some just going outside, I think we will all have
something in the apprehension box. For this
part of the journey baby steps are required.
Family and friends are there to lend a hand and
help us through.
So I am confident that we will all reach our
goal and get to the end together. Looking
forward to seeing you all at the end of this
Love Sue xxx

Thoughts from an Isolator

From an isolator, confused isolator, emerging isolator, dreaming isolator, veteran isolator. I think I have more or less covered all my feelings during the last 11 months, so what’s the next stage. It’s got to be vaccinations! Never have so many been so thrilled to get the call for an injection. Friends contacting friends to check if they’ve had theirs, where did they have to go for it, and did they feel ok afterwards. It’s a welcome ray of sunshine to us all plus It’s starting to stay lighter each day, bulbs are coming through and buds are appearing on the trees, to me these are all signs of us coming through the darkness into the light.
I smiled when I heard how Captain Tom wanted his funeral service conducted, March in, March out, carry on with life. I think his wise words are fitting to this pandemic, we marched into it, we will march out of it and we will carry on. Here’s to returning to Phoenix.

Love Sue


Deja vu – Sue Breen January 2021

Deja vu. Is the feeling that one has lived through the
present situation before !!!
So I say welcome to all my deja vu friends.
I might start a campaign against the deja vu feeling.
You will have rules to follow to become a member.
Do not tidy your cupboards again
Do not sort out the garage.
Do not start baking banana bread
Do not paint the shed
These small steps are just the start of riding yourself of
the deja vu feeling.
The only exceptions to the rules are
Drinking wine
Eating chocolate
Laughing (you may need to follow Joe Wicks exercises on
YouTube to achieve this, not doing them just watching)
PS if you do take part in online exercise there are also
some good YouTube videos on how to become a
The big plus this time is the vaccine, for which we are all
truly thankful, we didn’t have this at the beginning of the
year. So, while we are all looking for a top that has sleeves
that we can roll up to the top of our arm, let’s remember
that we can do this because we’ve done it before.
Is that deja vu?
Keep safe, take care
Love Sue xx

Jeff Wall

Christmas from Jeff Wall—Phoenix President                                                                                  

May I wish you all a Mery Christmas and a Happy New Year. The year certainly has not been what anyone expected especially since march when COVID destroyed our usual activities. We should now be enjoying our activities Christmas parties, dinners, and our Christmas Evening at Sheepfair. Like many of us, we have had to modify our Christmas plans. Whatever you have planned I wish you a happy break but above all please take care and stay safe. As for the New Year, it just has to get happier. Roll on the vaccinations and let’s all look forward to getting Phoenix back into full swing again. – Jeff

The Isolator

The Isolator

In these changing times it’s lovely to say one thing hasn’t changed at all, in fact I think it’s become even more wondrous and that’s NATURE!
Thinking about it perhaps it hasn’t got better because it’s always been wonderful and amazing it’s just that I’m noticing it more.
During this time of not being in a hurry to get from A to B in a certain time frame, my pace of life has certainly slowed down.
Walking daily along the same route it is amazing to see the changes happening, my walking route takes in Power Station Road and the bypass perhaps not your first thought for a nature walk.
Along side the road flanked by industrial units there are beautiful wild rose bushes, an apple tree and even a bush that looks like it’s got pears on it ! (They may not be pears but they certainly look like it) grass was mown and bushes were pruned to within an inch of their lives but you’ve guessed it, out came the new growth within no time at all. The staff of one unit planted up baskets of flowers under their windows they obviously took really good care of them because they have come on so well and make a plain brick wall look so pretty. A huge fir tree outside JCB has produced the biggest cones I’ve ever seen, covering the ground below and most of their car park. The side of the bypass has been like a wildflower meadow, I’ve even heard there are som species of lilies to be found there. Over hanging branches have produced flowers and now berries, some of these branches have broken off with the weight of the flowers, you could say nature does her own pruning. There is an abundance of wild blackberry bushes that have produced so much fruit this year, much appreciated by the birds and insects and maybe a few passing walkers.
Thinking back to school days I remembered “What is this life if, full of care, we have no time to stand and stare. W H Davies ( I will confess I had to google the name of the poet) it’s from the poem Leisure and well worth a read.
I certainly have the time to stand and stare and appreciate all around me and look forward like Nature to new life and new beginnings for all Phoenix members.
Love Sue X

Are you Shielding July 2020?

I have been shielding now for 15 weeks. It has been lonely and hard work but with the help of friends, we have managed just fine. My problem is that as August 1st approaches I am filled with fear. My consultant is not happy for me to follow any of the relaxations to the conditions laid down with Covid19.   Basically he says “Ignore August 1st, stay in and protect yourself.”
I suddenly realised that I don’t know anyone else who is Shielding. This has come to me as a terrific shock.
So please, Phoenix friends, if there is anyone else in the same situation as me, can you
contact me. I would appreciate knowing someone else out there understands how it feels.

Thank you  Pat Wall   


Spotlight – April 2020

Helping our Nurses
Ann Nunn has sent me a message that one of the ladies in
Colton is making bags for nurses to put the dirty uniforms
in, so that, when they get home, the bags can simply be put
in the washing machine. Pillowcases are needed and perhaps
other fabrics that members have.
It was mentioned on Radio WM on the Caroline Martin’s
show a few days ago.
So, Ann is wondering how many pillowcases and other
materials might be available from Phoenix members.
Ann will ask the lady making the bags if she is prepared to
give her a contact number so that materials can be
delivered to her. Alternatively, if people have no transport,
then perhaps a collection point in Rugeley from which Ann
would be happy to collect.
Let us know if you can help.

Message from Frank to Monday walkers

Keep smiling in these difficult times.  I know it is hard for you all that you cannot see my handsome face and you are missing our get togethers.  Do as we are told  and keep 2 metres apart.  Jackie and I are with the gas and electric metres between us, but it is hard when you try and turn over in bed.  Well take care and just in case it goes on longer – a merry Christmas and a happy new year to you all.

Frank and Jackie x

Contact to the isolated March 2020

Good Afternoon,
We are looking at ways to keep in touch with each other!-
These are Sue Breen’s thoughts as an isolated Phoenix member!

The Thoughts of an Isolator
Today’s todo list
Shave legs – The forestry commission will be proud of me.
Pluck eyebrows – First I’ve got to find them🤣 (Does that count as another job?)
Sort out knicker draw – sort in colour and size, grey is the in colour at the moment so those old white ones are now in fashion. (Could be keepers)
Clean oven – This thankfully was just a passing thought Phew it’s passed
Learn a language- My husband says I’m doing really well at this, he reckons I’m using words he’s never heard before🤣
The most important thoughts of the day have got to be :
What can I eat next
How long until lunchtime
I’m really looking forward to dinner tonight
Surely it’s got to be ok to open a bottle of wine at 6 o’clock.
Love Sue x

I am also going to be producing the Newsletter, as usual,  I am looking for items for the pages.
Please send me your words of wisdom, quizzes, poems, recommendations for books or films, ideas for staying busy, (keep it clean), etc.
Keep healthy
Kath  Cheers