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Phoenix Christmas Coffee Morning

Coffee Morning is back for a Christmas celebration.

December 16th, 2021 -Lea Hall 10 am – 12 pm

Christmas Coffee Morning Poster 2021a

Update -Phoenix starting to opening up – from 19th July 2021

It gives me great pleasure to update you on the restart of Rugeley Phoenix

Activities at Sheepfair commencing Monday 19th July 2021

Table Tennis. -Monday 19th July am
Sequence Dancing. -Monday 19th July pm
Keep Fit/Country Dancing- Restarting September
Line Dancing.- Tuesday 20th July pm
Tai Chi.- Wednesday 21st July am
Art. -To be confirmed
Social Afternoon.- To be confirmed
Music. -Restarting September
Knit and Natter. -Thursday 22nd July pm
Bridge.- Restarting September
Floral Art.- Friday 23rd July am

Etching Hill Village Hall
Photography. Monday 19th July pm

Monday Walking.- First walk Monday 26th July 2021
Tennis.- Already playing on Fridays at Hednesford
Badminton. -Not enough members at present
In Door Tennis. -Already playing
Crown Green Bowls. -Restarting September

As information comes in or changes we will let you know.


Activities Cancelled until further notice

Due to the latest government advice regarding Coronavirus all Phoenix Activities are cancelled until further notice

Line Dancing – October 2018

Line Dance                                                                

 They say that dance is good for the body and mind.                            

And better exercise would be hard to find.                                               

 No tasselled boots or cowboy hats.                                                              

Take a deep breath and relax.                                                                     

 Soon it is time for the first lesson.                                                            

Just basic steps for this session.                                                                  

 The music goes on—try a few steps.                                                            

Slide, shuffle and then grapevine to the left.                                                     

Blue rose is easy to learn.                                                                           

 But Irish stew has lots to learn.                                                                           

Come & join us and have some fun.                                                                   

We welcome and encourage everyone.                                                                                                        


Line Dancing November 2017


The day comes round again for our next line dance meet.

Where the music is so cheery it soon has us tapping our feet.

Each tune is very different from Good-time Girl to an Irish stew.

There’s a pretty Belinda and a Scooby Doo.


Sometimes the steps seems difficult and Hazel has to shout.

But we all get up anyway and help each other out,.

The hour passes quickly and we have all had fun.

Perhaps the only thing missing is a cuppa and a sticky bun.


Time for home so we take our chairs and put them away.

Look forward to next week, same time, same day.

We say our farewells make our way to the door.

Thinking of next week and more fun that’s for sure.

Line Dancing Fun

To start the dancing is Hazels battle

To get some hush from noisy cackle

She patiently waits, skills galore

For us dancers to take the floor

When finally we are ready to start

On the goes the dance Achey Breaky Heart

And usually cause a right kerfuffle

We try to do a Sailors Skiffle

WE stand in our orderly lines

Doing rocks, pivots, taps and vines

After several twists to the left

WE have to stop to take a breath

Now it seems we can put the steps together

And at last are dancing better

After practice we know the dance and tune

What good fun we have on Tuesday afternoon