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From the Chair September

Good morning to you one and all, this is it then, my time as chairperson has come to an end and a time to welcome your new officers. But before I go I’ve just got time to tell you about our recent Phoenix trip to Edinburgh. It was a fantastic trip and it was all down to Barry, who was challenged beyond belief. You really needed to be there to appreciate all he did to make the trip memorable. You should ask those who went what happened it’s a real story. But I will say “Hats off to you Barry you did a fantastic job”. So that’s it the end of an era well for me at any rate. It’s been a privilege and an honour to be your chairman for the past three years. I may not have pleased everyone during that time but my aim was to push forward build on the success of past chairpersons and to make the club more attractive to you the member. I may not have succeeded in some eyes but it’s not for the want of trying. I still maintain that the club that started 20 years ago with 42 members and has now in excess of 500 cannot be run as it was then, there has to be changes to progress. We are no longer a small group of people working to establish a club environment. We are a large organisation and with it brings challenges that can only be overcome by you the member taking some responsibility and helping the officers and committee. Don’t sit back waiting for someone else to do something, do it yourself. Only then can we make this great club of ours even greater. It’s all up to all of us not just the willing few!I really appreciate all the support I have had and the challenges we have faced together. Thank you. So for the final time!

Tarra Garry

From the Chair August

Hello! Well it’s August already and the summer is nearly over. The nights are drawing in and the days getting shorter. So what happened to the summer? I mean we have had nearly three weeks holiday in a very damp Scotland and I tell you the best thing about a very damp Scotland is a ‘wee dram o the gud stuff to see ya all reet’. Or so they tell me! It was a little frustrating I can tell you, but hey ho what’s a little rain to seasoned walkers like Cynth and me. I know some of you will be saying “it couldn’t have happened to a nicer fella”, but come on I don’t have webbed feet, well not yet anyway! So what’s been happening then, come on you can tell me, what’s the gossip? Who, what, where and when! “Doh” you are hopeless!! Anyway my spies tell me that a great night was had at the barn dance and the strawberries were lovely (thank you to June and the table tennis group), the BBQ event was almost a washout and Jeff’s back-up plan of using Sheepfair activated. With several of us making several phone calls at the last minute, everyone was contacted and re-routed. Instead of the annual rounder’s match boy’s v girls we made good use of the skittles. The result I hear you ask, I’m not telling you, ‘yer shudda bin there’! It was a smashing night’s entertainment. Now, the Dinner Dance was something to write home about, we had a brilliant night right from the start! The tables were set with lovely decorations, many of the men in back bow ties (and nothing else) only kidding but it got your attention didn’t it ladies! We had the ladies in super dresses and all gyrating to all kinds of dances. It was a really good night out thanks to David and Sheila. Well that’s it for now so I’ll just say don’t forget the AGM next month and the Whist Drive on the 18th Sept.

Tarra Garry

From the Chair July 2015

Good Morning, yes it’s me! I’m here at last, well as I write these notes the plan oops! The idea is that I will be at this coffee morning (if you remember my plans tend to go awry so I’m trying not to plan but to have the idea) so if I’m not here then my idea has gone to pot! Anyway have you missed me? Has Sandra been looking after you? I’m sure she has (Thank you Sandra). Well as I have had to get this report in early coz someone has gone on holiday I can’t tell you about the Barn Dance or the Dinner Dance coz we ain’t ad em yet! The good news is that I have been discharged from the hospital (can’t do any more for me, Cynth has been saying that for years) and I’m almost ready for next years “Ironman” challenge. The bad news is that now I’m more mobile, Cynth who has been looking after me and bringing me tea in bed every morning, has decided I now have to get me own tea in a morning and not only that I have to get her one! Can you believe that!! She’s getting more like the “original matron” every day. Bless her (and I often do)! So Barry completed his charity walk but then unfortunately was taken ill and rushed off to hospital to have surgery. We wish him a speedy recovery although it may be a while before he is fully fit. (Again I don’t have the final amount that he collected due to this person wanting the report early).Bess her as well!! Only kidding Kath have a super holiday. I’m still waiting for people to come forward to fill the forthcoming vacancies. It doesn’t have to be a man you know we have only had one lady chairperson and president in the whole 20 years so come on gals its about time you showed us men how to organise things properly. And why not!             Tarra, Garry

From the Chair June 2015

Do you ever make plans? I had a plan to be at this coffee morning but it’s already gone wrong. The surgeon decided to cancel my check up appointment for last Thursday and make it for this morning. So I will be missing you all again today but hey ho every cloud some of you may say. That brings me nicely onto the “Summer” (a neat move from clouds as in weather don’t you think?), a time when usually we turn off the heating but not this year. What’s happened to “global warming” has it missed Rugeley? It’s also a time when some of you are thinking of and taking holidays. Some will go to exotic places abroad, some to see relatives the other side of the world, some stay nearer home spending time in this lovely country of ours and of course some of you continue to support the activities you enjoy. And talking of support, (notice how I moved seamlessly from one subject to the next!) the club needs your support at the various social events we have lined up. Unfortunately I missed the Music Group in May but my spies tell me that it was a very good show and at times very funny (who ever it was who linked the song from Titanic to an “iceberg” lettuce was very clever). The Barn Dance is the next social event this month and then in July we have the BBQ and the Dinner Dance, so there is still a lot going on and I wouldn’t want you to miss out so get your tickets and join in the fun. Talking of fun (here I go again I hope you are keeping up) I’m still waiting for nominations for the various positions available at the AGM. Without these positions filled the club will not exist beyond September so please think on, the last thing I want to do as departing chairman is to begin a winding up procedure after 20 years in existence providing activities for 580 plus members. Someone out there can do the jobs I’m sure so don’t be shy, step up to the plate and show us what you can do for the clubs future.     Tarra, Garry

Speaking from the Chair May 2015

Hello everyone sorry I can’t be with you at the coffee morning in person but I’ll be there in spirit (no not spirit as in alcohol just thought so to speak). I’ll just tell you that I had the driest birthday I can remember last Tuesday but so high on drugs I didn’t care less. The operation went well and I’m back home and on my feet but unfortunately won’t be with you for a few weeks yet. So what a time we’ve all had in the last month! We had a fantastic treasure hunt followed by fish and chips and quizzes all put together by Bill, Brenda, Ann and Terry from the Monday Walking group. Then there was another fantastic afternoon tea on St Georges Day and wait for it there was even St George and the Black Knight on horseback in attendance. Unbelievable! It’s true and there are photos to prove it. Pat and Moira and a host of helpers did a brilliant job of providing the tea etc around the tables. So if you missed either of those two events you missed a fabulous time, thank you to all those involved. Now this month on 23rd May the Music Group is putting on “songs from the musicals” at £5 including a fish and chip supper. All money from the raffle at this event will go towards Barry’s chosen charities Mind and Macmillan. See Linda or anyone from the music group for tickets. Then on June 27th the table tennis group is putting on a “Barn dance” including strawberry refreshments. The tickets are £4.50 from members of the table tennis group. So that’s it for today except to say a very big thank you to those of you who have been kind enough to send me get well cards, texts and visits they are really appreciated thank you.

Tarra, Garry

20th Anniversary Walk

What a great walk we had to celebrate the 20th anniversary walk on Monday 23rd. Beryl Stubbs one of the very first founder members and Bill the current walks leader led the way. Although the walk did not follow the exact same route which was from Etchinghill to what is now Wolseley Gardens, the walk was none the less brilliant. We ste off from the Chase Pub (Hagley Road) working our way to Etchinghill and then took a path across fields, along a green lane to emerge at the main A51 at Wolseley. We then headed along the main A51 a short distance back towards Rugeley before turning right along a track that brought us to an area where Beryl explained some history of the walls an archway and why there were holes in the wall. We then made our way along pathways crossing fields and back to the crossroads at Etchinghill finally arriving back at the pub for deserved refreshments. It was a thoroughly enjoyable walk and a treat to be able to follow (so to speak) in the footsteps of those who founded the club

April 21st 2016

The Knit & Natter group and Pat Tams are putting on a “posh” Afternoon Tea on the afternoon of 21st  April at Sheepfair to celebrate the Queen’s 90th birthday.  £8 per ticket.  It is catered by Snug of Rugeley.









Speaking from the Chair April 2015

Hi, hello and welcome to the April newsletter. Spring is in the air, the daffodils are looking lovely (and may I say so are you), the lambs are bounding about the fields and all in all things are looking good. It makes you feel like throwing open the curtains in the morning, opening the window, sticking yer chest out and breathing in that fresh air. Then quietly closing the window and climbing back under the quilt for a warm. Yes it’s me again back from our trip to the Lakes and a very windy trip to Scotland. Fully refreshed and raring to go, which reminds me; you know I will be giving up the chair come at the September AGM. Oh, come on, don’t get upset, and dry your eyes and stop that laughing and cheering! So who is going to take over? Someone has to otherwise we will have to close the club down and no-one wants that do we. Returning to my cheery feeling, don’t forget the Monday walkers treasure hunt on SATURDAY 18th April go and speak to Bill about it, he’s over there next to Brenda. Another great venture will be the St Georges Day “A very English Afternoon Tea” on Thursday 23rd at Sheepfair. This promises to be a very special event put on by the Knit & Natter. Also next month Pat Tams is having another plant sale for charity so bring along any spare plants you have. So that’s it for now, I can’t think of anything else to say. What do you mean that’s not like me! Now where’s me sun hat and glasses?

 Tarra, Garry

Photo competition results

Double-Trouble-Jeff-Wall-Portrait Portrait

Jeff Wall with “Double Trouble”


Fun-in-the-Ball-Pool-Cynth-Lane-Chidren Child/Children

Cynth Lane with “Fun in the ball pool”

Narrow-Boat-Rob-Matthews-Transport-&-Overall Transport

Rob Matthews with “Narrow Boat”

Pineapple-in-Flower-Ivan-Hughes-Flowers Flower

Ivan Hughes with “Pineapple in flower”


Rainbow-Cynthia-Abbott-Landscape Landscapes

Cynth Abbott with “Rainbow”

Regal-Ann-Nunn-Still-life Still life

Ann Nunn with “Regal”

 Strutting-his-Stuff-Ann-Nunn-Animals-birds-etc  Animals/Birds

Ann Nunn with “Strutting my stuff”


Up-up-&-away-Pat-Wall-Architecture Architecture

Pat Wall with “Up, up and away”

Worm-Drowners-Rob-Matthews-Sport Sport

Rob Matthews with “Worm Drowners”

Rob Matthews also won Overall Best Photo with “Narrow Boat”

From The Chair February 2015

Brrrr isn’t it cold but at least we haven’t had the snow to keep us indoors like some areas of the country. On our Monday walks we have noticed the snowdrops in full bloom with the crocus and daffodil bulbs coming through nicely so that must mean spring is not far away. Our activities are starting to pick up again after the January blues and things are generally going well. We had a brilliant night on the 17th January, Kate’s Party were fantastic and most enjoyable in a lovely relaxed atmosphere, thank you to those of you who came and made the night worthwhile. The rapport between Colin and Kate was brilliant!  The sale of our Souvenir Booklet is doing well and I have had several complementary comments about it so thank you to those of you who have taken the trouble to speak to me in such glowing terms. It does mean a lot when members show their appreciation for the work that goes on in the background. I hope that every member has at least one copy to support the club. We have a programme of future events listed elsewhere in this copy so make a date to attend at least one. Well that’s it for this month not much else to say (not like me I know some of you will be saying), except your club needs your support to continue with its success. It’s all up to you!!